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Press Release

Swisscom strengthens partnership with PrivaSphere

PrivaSphere and Swisscom Enterprise Customers cooperate closely in order to make digital processes even simpler and more secure to use.

PrivaSphere is the innovative Swiss platform for secure and binding communication by email. Furthermore, it is the delivery platform for electronic legal communication recognised in the Swiss Federation. As a new feature, mobile ID can now be used for login and registration of PrivaSphere. The 2-factor method enhances security and also improves user convenience. All PrivaSphere modes of dispatch – ranging from secure and confidential emails through “Registered” to submissions to authorities and courts – are now available with immediate effect using Mobile ID.

According to Marcel Kurtz, Business Development Manager at Swisscom, additional initiatives will be presented at various events over the coming weeks. “Our joined-up, integrated solutions enable us to offer digital out-of-the-box solutions for various sectors in Switzerland and abroad. They might be in the area of authentication, archiving, declaration of intent using digital signatures or secure and legally binding communication via PrivaSphere”.

About PrivaSphere
PrivaSphere is the first delivery-platform technology recognised in the Swiss Federation for electronic legal communication and it provides an online service for secure and binding communication by email. Alongside Mobile ID, PrivaSphere also supports additional strong authentication mechanisms.