Author: Geraldine Critchley

Yousign launches QES with Swisscom Trust Services

The European scale-up integrates qualified electronic signature (QES) into its offering with Swisscom Trust Services.


Zurich, 6th of December 2022 – Yousign customers and users will, in the future, be able to use the qualified electronic signature (QES) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This is made possible by the partnership with Swisscom Trust Services, the only European provider to offer QES in the legal areas of the EU (eIDAS Signature Regulation) and Switzerland (ZertES Signature Act). Yousign also relies on the AutoIdent procedure integrated by Swisscom Trust Services from the German provider Nect. This purely European infrastructure ensures that all requirements regarding eIDAS and GDPR are met.

Founded in France in 2013, Yousign is now one of the leading European SaaS providers of electronic signatures. As a SaaS solution, Yousign also explicitly targets SMEs and freelancers. Around 13,000 small and medium-sized enterprises use the service every day.

The cooperation between Yousign and Swisscom Trust Services makes QES even faster and more user-friendly while still fulfilling the 100 percent legal security claim. For example, identification at Yousign is now simplified by integrating the AutoIdent function. In the classic process, a person must go through a video identification with a trained video agent. This has several disadvantages: A user must wait for the video agent to be available, and, especially for foreign users, this person must then also understand the user’s language. With AI-supported auto-identification, the identification process can be carried out entirely autonomously; only in justified cases will the data be checked by trained agents in the background afterward. This means that users only have to hold their ID document before the camera and move according to the app’s instructions. This guided automatic comparison makes the system available around the clock and easily scalable.

“We chose Swisscom because the trust service provider is certified for EU and Swiss signature laws. This means we can offer QES directly throughout the DACH region. In addition to legal security, we focus on a fast and user-friendly e-signature solution. Therefore, the identification via AutoIdent option fits perfectly with our modern processes designed for efficiency,” says Christian Nink, Vice President of Sales at Yousign.

“We are delighted that Yousign has selected us as a partner to implement an innovative signature solution,” says Mario Voge, Head of Growth Management, Swisscom Trust Services. “Easy-to-use SaaS products like Yousign help to avoid media breaks in the digital world, which often still slow down processes. Here, Yousign helps to completely digitize processes from the creation and signing to the audit-proof archiving of documents, thus drastically reducing turnaround times. Through us as a trust service provider, these can be electronically signed in a legally secure manner both in the EU and in Switzerland.”

About Yousign

Founded in 2013, Yousign is one of Europe’s leading SaaS providers in the e-signature field. Yousign anticipated shifting to a paperless enterprise long before its other European competitors. The French scale-up helps thousands of sales, purchasing, Human Resources, Legal, and IT teams to digitize and automate their contract processes.

Through its easy-to-use e-signature and document management application, Yousign supports SMEs across various industries. In addition, the scale-up has a powerful API that is easy to integrate and can be easily used by smaller businesses. The software company also makes it possible to collect data and generate new documents from it, send these new contracts, track them, and finally archive them in an audit-proof manner.

Luc Pallavidino and Antoine Louiset founded Yousign and currently employs 200 people. With over 13,000 corporate customers, over 1.5 million documents are signed electronically monthly. This makes Yousign one of Europe's most potent, certified, and eIDAS-compliant e-signature scale-ups.