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Partnership with Signicat

A pan-European platform for digital identities expands portfolio // Integration of qualified electronic signature according to eIDAS.


Munich, 13 November 2019 - Today, Signicat, the European market leader for digital identity services, announces partnering with Swisscom Trust Services to provide a joint solution for integrating the qualified electronic signature. The qualified electronic signature is legally equivalent to the handwritten signature according to the EU signature regulation eIDAS. Now, Signicat customers from Europe's banking, insurance, leasing, payment, and e-commerce sectors can complete all business transactions that generally require a handwritten signature via digital channels. Signicat's identity platform also offers services such as customer onboarding, customer identification, business register queries, or credit checks.

Using the platform, it is possible to raise even electronic IDs with a low trust level, such as social log-ins, to an eIDAS-compliant high trust level by combining different methods, which enables the execution of a qualified electronic signature. In addition, the platform can be easily connected as a technical service to a wide variety of business applications that require an identity to be established to conclude a contract. The entire application process can thus be mapped digitally and without media discontinuity, end to end. The focus is on user-friendliness to provide B2B and B2C customers with a smooth customer experience.

When a customer completes a contract or purchase process online, such as taking out insurance, buying a car, or applying for a loan, they are asked to scan their identity document and face as part of the process to check their identity to prevent any attempts at fraud. Afterward, the customer must only enter his telephone number and trigger the electronic signature with an SMS as a second factor. This is done in a few steps and is integrated into the customer journey, meaning the entire business process can be handled without media disruption. Customers who have already integrated Signicat include Rabobank, Western Union, and Telia.

"Electronic signature integration helps us to meet better today's consumer needs through secure and compliant identity services," says Gunnar Nordseth, CEO of Signicat. "Swisscom Trust Services convinced us with its agility and expertise in translating high legal requirements into technology. Ideally, our offerings complement each other, enabling customers to develop their business models straightforwardly."

"Signicat's offering as an identity hub is a fixed point for digital business models and a catalyst for innovation through PSD2," commented Marco Schmid, Head of International Expansion Strategy at Swisscom Trust Services. "Our partnership brings together the benefits of the identity platform and our signature service. This synergy enables companies to meet the two most important success factors in the digital age through more efficient processes and greater user-friendliness, thus gaining the decisive advantage over competitors."

About Signicat

Signicat is the European market leader for digital identities and digital signatures. Founded in 2007, the company provides global cloud-based solutions for the private and public sectors. The focus is on streamlining the onboarding process with customers through an optimal user experience, combined with advanced technology for managing compliance risks. Signicat's solutions are used by banks, financial service providers, insurance companies, public service providers, and other companies. The company is trusted by medium-sized companies as well as multinational corporations. Customers also use Signicat to design their processes in user authentication, digital signature, identity verification, and long-term archiving of documents.

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