Author: Geraldine Critchley

Swisscom Trust Services launches in the Dutch market

Qualified e-signatures enable completely digital processing of contracts and sales transactions without media disruption - Europe-wide.

Swisscom Trust Services is now the only European provider to offer companies in the Netherlands a qualified electronic signature for the legal areas of the EU (eIDAS Signature Regulation) and Switzerland (ZertES Signature Act). This makes it possible to be legally equivalent to the handwritten signature and enables companies to handle business processes entirely digitally and in compliance with the law through the wide range of connected identification and authentication procedures. This eliminates the media disruption associated with the manual signature of a contract - companies are thus able to accelerate processes and open up new business models.


The technologies help companies to shape their customer journeys in a purely digital way. As a partner, Swisscom Trust Services supports pan-European expansion in finance, insurance, healthcare, and logistics. While almost all other trust service providers focus on local markets, Swisscom Trust Services is internationally oriented and already present in several European markets. The company was spun out in 2021 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swisscom AG, which already has a DevOps Centre in Rotterdam. Swisscom is a strong brand that stands for trust and is economically positioned to adapt to new regulations such as eIDAS 2.0 constantly.

Range of services

The cloud-based signing service from Swisscom Trust Services can be easily integrated into existing solutions via standardized interfaces, even under industry-specific compliance regulations. The identity verification of users required by eIDAS and ZertES can be carried out using a wide range of procedures such as BankIdent, VideoIdent, the AI-based Selfie-Ident procedure, or face2face with an app. When signing, no data that could provide information about the document's content is transmitted to Swisscom Trust Services. Users can initially verify their identity and then electronically sign contracts regardless of location. Once verified, customers can sign as often as they like. In this way, companies can provide their customers with a completely digital customer journey without media disruption, even in highly regulated markets.

The digitalization of onboarding and contract signing offers excellent potential for increasing conversion rates in online businesses. With the qualified electronic signature (QES), which under European and Dutch law is equivalent to a manual signature in court in most cases, Swisscom Trust Services contributes to the complete digitalization of customer journeys.

"We have worked with renowned customers and partners in finance/banking, healthcare, human resources, and big tech across Europe for almost ten years. With eIDAS and ZertES certification, we can offer qualified electronic signatures in both jurisdictions. We offer a wide range of identification procedures and follow an open approach towards different identification methods and technologies. This allows us to provide tailor-made yet highly scalable solutions for various industries. The Netherlands is very well connected internationally and has a very high level of digitalization, which makes the market an ideal building block in our strategic expansion. With our solutions, we can help local companies digitize the last mile in complex processes and increase their conversions ", says Nik Fuchs, CEO of Swisscom Trust Services AG.









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