Author: Marco Schmid

SwissID login with Mobile ID

SwissID users can now use Mobile ID as a second factor for more secure online portals access. The publisher of SwissID, SwissSign Group AG, has partnered with Swisscom for this purpose.

Data protection and data security are top priorities at SwissID. SwissID users can add a security stage using Mobile ID two-factor authentication alongside the username and password. Two-factor authentication (2FA) has been established in online banking for many years, but it is now becoming increasingly crucial for login processes in other sectors. SwissID users are now able to use the proven Mobile ID two-factor solution.

The Mobile ID function can be activated in the personal SwissID online customer portal in just a few steps and is free of charge. SwissID has thereby already paved the way for use in areas that require an exceptionally high level of security or are highly regulated.

“We are delighted to offer our SwissID users Mobile ID as an additional technically refined two-factor authentication solution. All SwissID users can now add Mobile ID as an option to their existing SwissID login,” explained Markus Naef, CEO of the SwissSign Group.

About SwissSign Group

Trusted identities from SwissSign Group form the basis for secure e-business processes. As a Swiss Trust Service Provider (TSP), SwissSign accompanies people and companies into a successful digital future. SwissSign Group is the provider of SwissID and a joint venture of government-related companies, financial companies, insurance companies, and health insurance companies (SBB, Swiss Post, Swisscom, Banque Cantonale de Genève, Credit Suisse, Entris Banking, Luzerner Kantonalbank, Raiffeisen, Six Group, UBS, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Axa, Baloise, CSS, Helvetia, Mobiliar, SWICA, Swiss Life, Vaudoise and Zurich).

SwissSign Group has two cornerstones: Identity services under the SwissID brand and certificate services. SwissID is Switzerland's digital identity, providing easy and secure access to the online world. Thanks to electronic certificates, data can be exchanged in encrypted form and thus protected from unauthorized access. As a Swiss Trust Service Provider (TSP), SwissSign Group accompanies people and companies into a successful digital future, protecting data according to the highest security standards and keeping it in Switzerland.

About Mobile ID

Mobile ID is a 2-factor authentication method. On the initiative of Swisscom, it is offered jointly by all the major Swiss mobile providers. Mobile ID increases security when handling sensitive data, such as mobile banking, secure messaging, or online shopping. Operating convenience is enhanced at the same time. Additional information is provided on the website of Mobile ID.


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