Author: Joseph Koenig

Smart Registration Service: Identify with German identity card now

The Smart Registration Service (SRS) adds another option for online identification and registration for the qualified electronic signature according to the EU regulation eIDAS. With the SRS eID method, people can conveniently identify themselves from anywhere and anytime using their German ID card with an online ID function and a mobile app via their smartphone.

The SRS eID identification method is available immediately via the interface for our Smart Registration Service customers. The service is also possible via our identification page with a voucher. Vouchers can be purchased via our partners.


Three simple steps: Download the app, scan your ID, enter pin - ready

If a customer wants to be identified for the qualified electronic signature, he receives a link to the start page from one of our signature partners. There, the customer is requested to download the mobile app of the identification partner onto his smartphone. In the app, the customer scans his German ID card using the activated NFC function and enters his ID card pin to confirm the identification.

After successful identification, the person receives an SMS to accept the terms of use of the signing service. Afterward, the customer can electronically sign documents in our partners' applications as often as desired without identifying himself again.

Take a look at the entire SRS eID process now.

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