Author: Johanna Böhm

Smart Registration Service adds innovative identification method

Klarna and Swisscom Trust Services announced their partnership and added a revolutionary identification method to the Smart Registration Service (SRS). The new identification method SRS Bank is a legally compliant procedure by the EU eIDAS regulation. It enables people to identify themselves for the qualified electronic signature within seconds when concluding a transaction requiring the written form. A high conversion rate characterizes the identification method and uses the identity already confirmed by the bank.

Swisscom Trust Services launched the Smart Registration Service (SRS) in March 2020 and provided Signing Service customers with a catalog of different identification methods (e.g., video or Face-2-Face). By integrating the Smart Registration Service, companies can offer their end customers the most suitable identification method for their use case so that they can register once with an authentication means. Subsequently, the end customer can sign documents or contracts electronically in a qualified or advanced manner - over several years, and legally compliant according to the eIDAS regulation of the EU and the federal law ZertES in Switzerland.

With SRS Bank, Swisscom Trust Services meets today's customer expectations of smooth processes via various digital channels. Until now, contracts could only be concluded digitally to a limited extent, as they required a manual signature or the legally equivalent qualified electronic signature. However, this requires a doubtless identification of the person signing the contract.

Unlike Videoident or Postident, SRS Bank can be flexibly and efficiently integrated into various digital channels or purchasing processes without media disruption. Since all relevant information, such as first name, surname, and date of birth, is available, compliance regulations are fulfilled. The customer remains in the same digital channel for the entire time. He identifies himself using his bank login and can conclude the digital transaction or a digital purchase contract with a qualified electronic signature.

In summary, SRS Bank enables simple and efficient integration for Swisscom Trust Services customers and guarantees highly user-friendly digital processes for end customers through automated processes without media discontinuity. Concrete use cases can be demonstrated in various sectors, e.g., from opening a current account at a new bank to Schufa queries or credit checks to concluding a mobile phone contract without the need to visit a branch.

For the launch of SRS Bank, identification and registration are only possible with an existing bank login in Germany.


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