Developer Section

You will find all the necessary information, instructions, and examples for integrating the Signing Service and Smart Registration Service.

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Developer Hub from Swisscom Trust Services

On our Dev Hub, you will find all the essential information about using the interfaces provided by Swisscom.


Swisscom Trust Services Dev Hub  


GitHub by Swisscom Trust Services

Our GitHub page contains Postman examples and four Java/C#-based clients for the signature service using the iText/PDF-Box libraries and the signature service wiki.


Trust Services GitHub

PDF library provider

Here you will find a selection of PDF Library providers that support the interfaces provided by Swisscom.


PDF-Library Anbieter

Repository of Swisscom's trust services

In our repository, you will find documentation about Swisscom CA and PKI, our CP/CPS, and terms of use.



Swisscom Bug Bounty Program

You can just let Swisscom know about potential security vulnerabilities here.


Bug Bounty Program