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Signature platforms allow customers and private persons who want to sign digitally to upload a file and declare intent for a qualified electronic signature, such as a fingerprint on a mobile phone authentication app. A signature platform's introduction takes place quickly, as a trust service provider already integrates the legally valid electronic signature. Nevertheless, some questions should be clarified in advance:



The success of new digital solutions always depends on their acceptance by employees, customers, and other stakeholders. The solutions must be as simple and intuitive as possible to ensure this.


As soon as several people have to sign a document, things get complicated. If the paper has to be sent by post, unnecessary waiting times arise, and tracking becomes difficult. In a digital process, however, every step of the signature process is directly traceable.


Employees are in the home office, on a business trip, or in another location - all of which can complicate and unnecessarily delay the signing of documents. Businesses today need solutions that enable easy signing from anywhere in real-time.


Corporate documents can take on many different forms, so there is a need for signing solutions that work smoothly regardless of the context and the parties involved - whether internal or external.

Our solutions for signature platforms

Occasional signatures without complex integration

Suppose customers or companies only want to sign documents electronically occasionally or avoid having a complex signature application integrated into their workflows. In that case, signature platforms are the right choice to save valuable time. A signature platform allows users to easily upload, exchange, and download electronically signed digital documents. With this solution, lengthy development or integration projects can be avoided, costs can be reduced, and digital offerings can be brought to market faster.

The simple signing of documents

First, a user uploads the document to be signed to the signature platform. In the second step, the user can define which external or internal persons are invited to sign the document. The signature platform automatically sends the invitations for the signature to the previously defined participants (e.g., by e-mail). Subsequently, all persons on the platform can place their electronic signature on the document and confirm it with their defined means of authentication within a few clicks. The platform informs about the current status at any time and delivers the signed document to all participants as soon as all signatures have been made. Finally, the signed document can be downloaded and processed further.

Location-independent and cross-company signing

Whether in the home office, in the office, or globally distributed company locations - via a signature platform, employees or customers receive the current status of a document version at any time. They can sign it electronically quickly and independently of location. The introduction of a signature platform eliminates unnecessary paper processes and waiting times. At the same time, processes can be made more efficient, and time-consuming administration costs, e.g., scanning or printing, can be minimized.

"Swisscom Trust Services' support for regulation and compliance issues is optimal. It would be unthinkable to take care of these topics, especially as a provider of solutions in enterprise content management and business process management. We depend on a strong partner like Swisscom Trust Services and know their offer is rock-solid. That's why we don't have to worry about whether everything is legally sound. We are in the best hands with Swisscom Trust Services".

Oliver Huser

CEO of Object

Solution components

Our embedded remote signature platform enables application partners to design signature platforms. These platforms allow end-users to easily identify themselves and quickly finalize contracts with electronic signatures. An integrated broker ensures a seamless registration of the signature approval method, digital identification, and e-signatures of users during the signing process. To deploy a smooth and efficient onboarding process, we suggest leveraging the following solution components of our platform.

Repetitive e-signature eIDAS

Easily integratable qualified and advanced electronic signatures for the European jurisdiction.

Repetitve e-signature ZertES

Easily integrable qualified and advanced electronic signatures for the Swiss jurisdiction

Identification methods for ZertES e-signatures

Wide range of identification methods for the registration and use of electronic signatures in the Swiss jurisdiction.

Identification methods for eIDAS E-Signatures

Borad portfolio of identification methods for the registration and use of electronic signatures in the European jurisdiction.

Portfolio of signature approval

Diverse range of authentication methods for electronic E-signature approval

Together with our partners to finished signature platforms


Based on Swisscom Trust Services, has developed the most convenient on-premise signature solution (cloud-less) and meets the world's highest standards for qualified electronic signatures (QES) directly in your Adobe Acrobat ecosystem (Reader and Acrobat Standard/Pro).

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axelity offers customers security, discretion, and trust in digital business. They benefit from our years of expertise in digital identities, electronic signatures, and strong encryption. With the signature solution actaSIGN, we digitize signature and approval processes - seamlessly integrated into existing target systems and processes - thus creating time and cost savings, sustainability, and legal certainty. In doing so, we rely entirely on Swisscom's Trust Services.

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EasySend is an uncoded platform for creating and optimizing digital customer journeys.
EasySend provides a robust, enterprise-ready platform to transform paper-based processes into engaging digital journeys accessible on any device. We support every banking and insurance use case with pre-built components, including end-to-end digital mortgage, lending, policy renewal, claims, and customer engagement.
EasySend enables banks and financial institutions to turn paperwork into digital journeys without writing a single line of code.

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