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Autenti and Swisscom Trust Services enter into partnership...

08.04.2024 Read more

Qualified e-Signatures for Tax Consultants: A Convenient...

26.10.2023 Read more

Swisscom Trust Services launches in the Dutch market

06.09.2023 Read more

DocuSign and Swisscom Trust Services further expand their...

21.06.2023 Read more

Further expansion of the Growth department at Swisscom...

19.12.2022 Read more

Yousign launches QES with Swisscom Trust Services

07.12.2022 Read more

Swisscom Trust Services and Intrum enable...

28.09.2022 Read more

Smart Registration Service: New Selfie Ident Enables...

25.05.2022 Read more

Check your registration for the electronic signature now

28.04.2022 Read more

Verimi and Swisscom Trust Services: Purely digital,...

16.03.2022 Read more

Smart Registration Service: Identify with German identity...

02.09.2021 Read more

Foundation of Swisscom Trust Services Ltd.

24.02.2021 Read more

Swisscom becomes issuer of an EU (eIDAS) qualified time...

23.02.2021 Read more

Smart Registration Service adds innovative identification...

30.11.2020 Read more

Remote signatures with qualified seals

18.11.2020 Read more

Partnership between Swisscom Trust Services and EasySend

30.10.2020 Read more

Partnership between FQX, Sygnum Bank and Swisscom Trust...

17.09.2020 Read more

Identification for e-signature now available at Swisscom...

11.05.2020 Read more

My Mobile ID is now available

09.04.2020 Read more

New Amendments of the Ordinance on the Signature Act...

06.04.2020 Read more

Launch of RA Enterprise App Framework Service

02.03.2020 Read more

Identification for electronic signature now available at...

26.02.2020 Read more

Swisscom Trust Services is premium partner of the German...

29.01.2020 Read more

Smart Registration Service - flexible identification...

16.01.2020 Read more

Partnership with Sysmosoft

28.11.2019 Read more

KPMG renews the eIDAS certificate

26.11.2019 Read more

Usability and privacy improvements in the new release

26.11.2019 Read more

Partnership with Signicat

12.11.2019 Read more

Partnership with jemmic

06.11.2019 Read more

Partnership with Coffreo

29.10.2019 Read more

Go-to-market in Germany

15.10.2019 Read more

Swisscom Trust Services enables new digital business models...

10.10.2019 Read more

Extended FAQs

04.10.2019 Read more

PrivaSphere brings solution with regard to Justitia 4.0

02.10.2019 Read more

Identify the world free of charge for QES with the RA App

02.10.2019 Read more

Timestamp only - Offer

30.09.2019 Read more

Identification for the electronic signature at Swisscom...

26.09.2019 Read more

Partnership with APIIDA

26.09.2019 Read more

Seal offer now choosable with and without time stamp

13.09.2019 Read more

Swisscom strengthens partnership with PrivaSphere

26.06.2019 Read more

SwissID login with Mobile ID

18.06.2019 Read more