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Why is online identification needed?

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There are numerous situations in which a person's identity needs to be verified. However, the person concerned often lacks the time to verify the identity by the authority or the bank. For this reason, companies use online identification as part of the digital transformation. This enables identity verification from home, independent of location and time, saves costs, and offers a high degree of flexibility.


What is an identity check?

The classic identity check is a process in which the identity of a natural person is checked. The aim is to assign the available personal data (identity card or passport) to this person and to verify the authenticity.

Significance and advantages of online identification

Online identification plays a significant role in risk management for many companies. It is integral to preventing fraud and protecting a person's integrity and authenticity.
In addition to risk management, online identification is essential for various verification processes. For example, it can ensure that the delivery address is correct and that invoices can be delivered correctly.
Furthermore, in highly regulated areas, online identification of a person is a prerequisite for gaining access to certain services. This includes, for example, age verification for online gambling or the registration and use of a qualified electronic signature.

Areas of application of online identification

Online Identifizierung
Identity verification is used in many different industries today. In banking, identity verification is required by law under the Anti-Money Laundering Act, for example, to open a bank account. In addition, online identification is an integral part of KYC ("Know Your Customer") processes to provide bank customers with a fully digital banking experience.
The insurance industry usually requires prior identification to sign insurance contracts. In addition to these two areas, identity verification plays a vital role in administration; it is used here, for example, when renewing identity documents.
As part of the digital transformation, companies also want to reduce costs, increase efficiency and promote sustainability. That is why many companies are focusing on document and contract management automation. Here, the identification of persons is also necessary to conclude contracts with the help of legally valid signatures.

Our identification solutions for your signature application

Our embedded remote signing platform provides partners with a wide array of legally valid electronic signatures, seals, and timestamps for Switzerland and across Europe. In addition, through a broker, we offer an extensive selection of identification and approval methods methods, tailored specifically to your use case of electronic signature workflow.