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Banks are facing significant challenges due to digitalization.

On the one hand, they have to digitalize their processes; on the other hand, innovative fintech is attacking established business models. The following applies to both: Today, customers expect smooth/continuous, fast, intuitive, and secure processes.

The financial sector is feeling digital transformation with force. Favored, among other things, by a prolonged low-interest-rate policy, investors are looking for alternatives to traditional savings and finding plenty of them. From ETFs to cryptocurrencies, various forms of investment are accessible - especially in onboarding; these challengers often set the benchmark - and are inexpensive to access. To avoid falling behind, even established institutions must continuously expand their digital offers and services for their customers.

On the other hand, a digital-first approach is at the core of start-ups' business model. The challenge is bringing innovative services in line with the complex applicable guidelines while delivering the best customer experience. Whether it is the digitalization of existing processes or the compliance-compliant design of digital business models, Swisscom Trust Services is the right partner for the financial sector.