Author: Geraldine Critchley

Check your registration for the electronic signature now

Swisscom Trust Services provides its partners and their end customers with a simple check page for electronic signatures. Now, website users can check whether they are successfully registered for the electronic signature.

How the signature check works

First, the users enter their valid mobile number, which they provided during their first registration. Then they start the test and receive a request on their mobile phone for the Mobile ID or have to enter their secure password and the transaction code sent by SMS. At the end of the test, they receive their current registration status for the electronic signature.

If users are already successfully registered, the result shows them with which signature type (qualified or advanced) and in which jurisdiction (EU/EEA or Switzerland) they can sign. If users can no longer sign, they can use the test page to find out what causes their signature problem and will receive a suggested solution for correcting it in the same step.

The signature check page is available via the following link:

Note: The test consists only of the signature of a random hash value that is not linked to a document. Customers and partners do not conclude hidden contracts with us through their signatures.

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