Author: Mario Voge

Qualified e-Signatures for Tax Consultants: A Convenient and Secure Solution with KanzleiDrive and Swisscom Trust Services

Signing documents digitally and legally valid directly in an automated workflow // Equivalent to handwritten signatures thanks to eIDAS certification // Fulfilment of the written form requirement


Zurich/ Kassel, 19th October 2023 – Swisscom Trust Services, an EU-certified trust service provider, and KanzleiDrive, an all-in-one partner for tax consultants, are forming a partnership to offer a convenient and secure solution for electronic signatures.

KanzleiDrive belongs to fino Group and bundles various digital functions in one platform to make the exchange between clients, law firms, and tax advisors' work as efficient as possible. These include digital document exchange, intelligent task management, and electronic signatures. Data is processed and encrypted exclusively with certified cloud partners in Germany to meet the strict GDPR requirements and to guarantee the highest security standards. Interfaces with, i.e., DATEV and other providers, ensure that employees can continue working in their familiar systems. KanzleiDrive acts as an intuitive user interface for the client. You can customize the solution with a law firm logo and configurable colors for client login.

The offers within KanzleiDrive also include electronic signatures, which mean enormous work simplifications and security-relevant aspects for the target group of tax advisors. Depending on requirements, the customer can choose between three signature levels: simple, advanced, and qualified. Swisscom Trust Services provides the qualified electronic signature with certificates and fulfills the written form requirement. Unlike the other electronic signature types, the burden of proof is not reversed in the event of a court case: It means that anyone who doubts the authenticity of a qualified signature must prove it. With fino.sign, the portfolio also includes a signature API. Customers such as insurance companies or banks can easily integrate this headless solution into their applications.

"Thanks to the partnership with Swisscom Trust Services, we provide our clients easy access to all signature levels - including the qualified electronic signature. We offer a holistic solution for law firms: without any platform jump, with self-explanatory processes, an e-signed document in just a few minutes, and with the highest level of legal security," explains Jakob Stuby, founder and managing director of KanzleiDrive.

"Our services are already used in highly regulated areas, such as the financial sector. As a certified trust service provider in Swiss (ZertES) and EU (eIDAS) law, we meet the highest security standards and sometimes exceed legal requirements. For example, our services are hosted in two geo-redundant data centers in Switzerland to offer our customers audit security," says Mario Voge, Head of Growth Management at Swisscom Trust Services. "We are very pleased to partner with KanzleiDrive. Now we have gained another partner committed to smooth and secure digitization."


About Kanzleidrive

KanzleiDrive is the DocTech expert in intelligent and GDPR-compliant data and information exchange between law firms and clients. As an all-in-one platform, KanzleiDrive offers a unique digital document hub and guarantees added value in everyday law firm life.

Tax advisors interact with their clients via KanzleiDrive. In doing so, the platform accompanies the law firm in the various work steps with practical solutions - for fewer documents in paper form, more electronic signing processes, and practical task management. Using KanzleiDrive, law firms save resources in terms of workload and time.

The KanzleiDrive offer is rounded off with practical integrations. Data can be exchanged quickly and securely between the familiar DATEV system and KanzleiDrive - the ideal complement to the DATEV system with a modern and user-friendly interface without any media discontinuity. Thanks to the KYC integration, clients are onboarded, and master data is automatically updated in just a few steps.

fino kanzleidrive GmbH is part of the fino group, a European FinTech in the B2B sector with over 150 employees at three locations.