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Swisscom is the leading telecommunications company and one of the leading IT companies in Switzerland. As Innovators of Trust, Swisscom wants to shape the future.
Swisscom Trust Services, a subsidiary of the Swisscom Group, is the only provider that can provide qualified electronic signatures or seals in the legal areas of the EU (eIDAS Signature Ordinance) and Switzerland (ZertES Signature Act).
As the leading provider of trust services in Europe, Swisscom Trust Services thus enables its partners to achieve pan-European digital business and process innovations on the one hand - media discontinuity-free, end-to-end digitalized, and legally compliant processes become a reality.
On the other hand, in cybercrime, Swisscom Trust Services significantly contributes to sustainable and legally secure digitization - digital seals and signatures protect the integrity (unforgeability) and authenticity (proof of origin) of digital inter-/transactions.
The identification, seal, and signature products from Swisscom Trust Services allow partners to easily and uncomplicatedly expand their business solutions with an electronic expression of will, taking into account industry-specific requirements and compliance regulations. For end customers in the Internet economy, this creates a multitude of new, legally secure, and paper-free online interaction/transaction options. In the new trust-enabled online economy, contracts, insurance policies, employment contracts, credit card applications, etc., can be concluded online legally, without media discontinuity, independent of location/time, and intuitively.

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