Author: Mario Voge

DocuSign and Swisscom Trust Services further expand their partnership

Customers get direct access to pan-European signatures.


Zurich, 21st of June 2023 –  DocuSign integrates the electronic signatures of Swisscom Trust Services. The companies have already cooperated in the past. Still, customers had to conclude separate contracts with both partners to use electronic signatures from Swisscom Trust Services with the DocuSign application. The integration that has now taken place means that this step is no longer necessary. With the new partnership, DocuSign will be the overall provider for the signature application, including integrated Swisscom Trust Services signature, if customers wish. At the same time, DocuSign will continue to offer Swisscom's free RA app so that customers can identify themselves free of charge in all situations where Face2Face identification is possible.

Legal certainty in international business

DocuSign customers benefit from the new cooperation by now being able to sign in a legally secure manner even more quickly in the EU and Switzerland. Swisscom Trust Services is the only trust service provider globally certified according to the Swiss ZertES and the EU equivalent, eIDAS. This means customers who do business with Switzerland can cover both legal areas with one solution. Another advantage: banks, insurance companies, and major customers in various sectors in the EU and Switzerland can offer the DocuSign solution with the Swisscom Trust Services trust anchor to their users as a digital signature solution and thus meet the increased regulatory requirements in international exchange with an integral solution. The users' data remains in the EU at all times and is not stored in third countries.

The deepened partnership also brings advantages for Swisscom Trust Services and DocuSign, as the partners can now structure their sales in a more focused manner. There is one central channel and contact person. Customers benefit from providing qualified and advanced certificates and seals for all of Europe and Switzerland, and innovative and accessible authentication methods. Seamless interfaces prevent media breaks and ensure convenience, legal compliance, and data protection.

Extended range of functions

Customers specifically interested in the leading pan-European signature from Swisscom Trust Services can now obtain it embedded in the comprehensive offering of the market leader for digital contracts. Advantages of the DocuSign-Swisscom Trust Services solution include:

  • Qualified or advanced electronic signature of the respective legal area EU, EEA, or Switzerland from one source
  • Easy access within the DocuSign application before compiling the workflow
  • Face2Face registration by the client is possible via the free RA app (regulatory contract necessary to fulfill obligations and data protection)
  • Alternatively, purchase a remote identification option (e.g., video, AutoIdent, eID, or Bankident) on the Swisscom Trust Services identification site in exchange for a credit card/voucher.
  • Direct signature approval with the signature approval tool in the DocuSign application without any login to Swisscom Trust Services.

"By taking our partnership with DocuSign to the next level, we are helping companies sign legally securely with a solution in Switzerland. The direct integration into the DocuSign portfolio also underlines and strengthens our awareness and position in the market," says Mario Voge, Head of Growth Management at Swisscom Trust Services.

"As an experienced and innovative trust service provider, Swisscom Trust Service enables us to meet the increased regulatory requirements in international exchange with a simple, integral solution. Through this trusted partnership, we can further support our customers in the new, digital way of working and enable them to sign in Switzerland in a legally secure manner even more easily," says Mihály Gündisch, Area Vice President of Sales at DocuSign.