The business potential for signature or PaaS platforms

Cooperation with a pan-European trust service provider for signature platforms and PaaS providers

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Use the advantages of a Trust Service Provider in your application/platform

Electronic signatures are essential to today's business world, enabling companies to sign contracts and documents online and securely. Signature platforms and PaaS providers offer a convenient way to integrate digital signatures into their workflows.

Overall, working with a TSP can offer signature platforms and PaaS providers many benefits, including improving the quality, efficiency, and security of their signature solutions, increasing the trust of their customers, reducing risks, and closing digital process gaps.


Expertise and certification

Trust Service Providers (TSP) specialize in providing electronic signatures and often have many years of experience in this field. They are accredited by a certification authority and meet strict security standards. By working with a TSP, signature platforms and PaaS providers can ensure that their signature applications and offerings meet the latest standards and comply with regulatory requirements.

Efficiency and scalability

Working with a TSP reduces the development time and cost of implementing a signature solution. TSPs typically offer a scalable infrastructure that enables signature platforms and PaaS providers to process many signatures quickly and efficiently, significantly expanding their process reach.

Trust and acceptance

By working with a TSP, signature platforms and PaaS providers can increase their customers' confidence in their signature solutions and improve their acceptance in the market, as crucial digital process gaps can be closed quickly and competently.

Risk minimization

By working with a TSP, signature platforms and PaaS providers can minimize the risk of errors or security breaches. TSPs have a robust IT infrastructure and rigorous security protocols that can help ensure that signature apps or PaaS function securely and reliably and meet relevant standards and compliance requirements.

Products and solutions

Signing Service

  • Cloud-based and easily integrated remote signing service.
  • Enables the legally valid digital signing of contracts in applications.
  • eIDAS & ZertES compliant

Electronic seal

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  • Learn what types of electronic seals there are
  • How a company successfully seals electronically


  • Smart Registration Service
  • Legally valid identification and registration solution for electronic signatures.
  • Quick and easy integration
  • The most extensive selection of identification methods on the market, including FINMA-compliant video identification


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  • And why it takes an authentication solution for the electronic signature