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Partnership with Coffreo


Coffreo and Swisscom Trust Services offer qualified electronic signature and process optimization for temporary employment contracts. User-friendliness and efficiency even with a high volume of temporary employment contracts thanks to legally compliant electronic signature // Integrated solution connects personnel service providers and customers digitally.


Munich, 23 October 2019 - Coffreo, Europe's leading BPO provider for digitizing documents in temporary employment, now enables a fully digital and integrated solution for processing temporary employment contracts between staffing companies and their customers. Together with the electronic signature of Swisscom Trust Services, Coffreo can provide a solution that allows staffing agencies to digitally sign the required documents from their own system in a legally compliant manner and transmit them to customers. They can also easily countersign electronically and automatically make them available to the service provider. This makes Coffreo the first provider to offer the qualified electronic signature in an integrated and secure process and to enable electronic archiving for both parties.

In temporary employment, staffing agencies need help with high administrative costs due to strict legal requirements and high volumes of documents that usually need to be processed and signed at short notice and before the employee starts work. The solution from Coffreo and Swisscom Trust Services is fully integrated into the staffing agency's system via an interface. It allows the complete transmission process with the customer to be handled from there.

After a one-time identification of the client at the beginning of the cooperation, within a few minutes, the client can sign all documents electronically in a qualified manner and send them back to the system of the personnel service provider. This eliminates the need to send documents by post, significantly speeding up the process and reducing resources accordingly.

"From the beginning, Coffreo's goal was to create a solution for the German market that combines user-friendliness and full compliance. We are therefore very pleased to have found a partner in Swisscom Trust Services that brings the necessary expert knowledge and agility," says Christoph Lamoller, Sales Country Manager of Coffreo GmbH in Germany. "With our solution, personnel service providers can greatly reduce the processing time of temporary employment contracts and simultaneously comply with all legal requirements. We would like to expand this successful model and extend the cooperation with Swisscom Trust Services to documents such as the digital employment contract."

"The partnership with Coffreo demonstrates the potential of consistent digitalization in human resources and recruiting," says Marco Schmid, Head of International Expansion Strategy at Swisscom Trust Services. "Our signature and identification solutions, according to eIDAS for the EU and ZertES for Switzerland, lead to business solutions that accelerate processes enormously and make them more user-friendly in an increasingly fast and international market environment.  With Coffreo, we have gained a visionary partner with whom we will continue to work strategically in the long term to enable European companies to digitalize their processes further."

About Coffreo

Founded in 2007, the French company Coffreo is a leading BPO provider for the digitization of documents. Coffreo supports staffing companies, their temporary employees, and clients with intelligent processes that manage many short-term contracts.
Coffreo's digital solutions are legally compliant, save internal costs, reduce administrative work, and prevent errors in the document process.
The agile solutions are easy to implement and support all process participants in successfully mastering the challenges of digitalization.
With more than 600,000 electronically signed documents (contracts, employee assignments, etc.) per month and more than 1,200,000 employees on the platform, Coffreo is the leading company in France for digital solutions in temporary employment. In the autumn of 2017, the German GmbH was founded.




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