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Partnership with jemmic

More convenient customer communication and faster turnaround times through partnership with Swisscom Trust Services // Only pan-European certified electronic signature in own chat.


Munich, 30 October 2019 - After online and mobile banking comes conversational banking. To make customer communication between banks and fintech companies even more customer-friendly, Jemmic, a provider of digital solutions for banks, combines the convenience of instant messaging with the electronic signature of documents with SecuChat. Jemmic benefits from the expertise of Swisscom Trust Services as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) and the associated qualified electronic signature. This is integrated into the chat and is the only one certified according to the European standard eIDAS and the Swiss ZertES, thus making the digital processing of business transactions possible.

SecuChat is an instant messenger on the same security level as Internet Banking, offering a secure environment for exchanging personal data and, simultaneously, the user-friendliness of messaging services. The solution can be operated by a certified cloud operator or the bank's on-premises system. With SecuChat, bank employees can handle customer communication entirely via messenger, exchange documents, and send notifications or reminders via notification.

The integration of the electronic signature from Swisscom Trust Services also enables customers to sign documents digitally on mobile devices while on the move, in the same way as a handwritten signature. This eliminates the time-consuming trip to the bank branch or sending the signed documents by post. The signed documents can also be integrated into the bank's back office for further automated processing. Customers receive personal copies of the signed documents for download. Both banks and customers benefit from more efficient processes, short turnaround times, and high user-friendliness.

"Integrating messenger services in customer communication and electronic signatures are high priorities for most banks. With SecuChat, we are bringing both together in one solution for the first time, thereby enabling banks to take the next step in the digitalization of their services with Conversational Banking and to focus even more on the customer," says Jean-Pierre Schmit, the founder, and CEO of Jemmic. "With Swisscom Trust Services, we have found a partner that not only provides a qualified electronic signature but has also proven in the past that it is more than capable of meeting the requirements in the banking environment. As a result, banks across Europe can now offer their customers more user-friendly advice."

"In the past, the signature was still a bottleneck in banks' customer communication, as it meant a media break," says Marco Schmid, Head of International Expansion Strategy at Swisscom Trust Services. "With Jemmic, we have found a partner that uses our integration to offer banks an unprecedented user experience through conversational banking. It shows that even the strict compliance regulations in the banking environment do not have to be at the expense of user-friendliness."

SecuChat is available as a standard version but can be customized as a white label according to the client's wishes. Furthermore, the solution can be integrated into already existing banking apps.

You can find more information on the digital signature with SecuChat on the Jemmic website.

You can find a video on the user flow on YouTube.

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