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Swisscom Shops as registration authorities for qualified electronic signature!

Swisscom Trust Services is expanding its network of public registration authorities by including more Swisscom Shops throughout Switzerland. This means that our customers and partners can now identify and register for free for the qualified electronic signature (QES) in accordance with the Federal Law ZertES (Switzerland) and the EU regulation eIDAS (EU) in the Swisscom Shops in the larger cities. This is the legal requirement under the Swiss Federal Law on Electronic Signature (ZertES) With this step, Swisscom Trust Services is positioning itself as the only and first trust service provider to offer this service to its customers at public point of sale.

When visiting a Swisscom shop, you need to bring a valid identification document (passport or identity card) according to the following list of countries, as well as your smartphone, so that you can accept the service of Swisscom Signing Services and trigger your qualified electronic signature in the future.

Before you visit the Swisscom Shop, we recommend that you activate the Mobile ID as a digital pen. To do so, please select the SIM-based activation (visit the following website). If your SIM card does support this, you can simply download the free Mobile ID App in the usual App Stores and activate the account.

You will find an overview of the selected Swisscom Shops and further information under SRS Direct. There we will publish further registration authorities on a regular basis.

Important information on the cancellation of the temporary change of ZertES for video identification!

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Swiss Federal Council issued a temporary relaxation of the Federal Ordinance on VZertES based on the Federal Law on Electronic Signatur ZertES in April 2020. This ordinance made it possible to register for qualified electronic signatures in Switzerland via video identification, even outside the application by financial intermediaries (e.g. banks). Since the Covid-19 situation has changed, the Swiss Federal Council will most likely not extend the temporary VZertES ordinance amendment any further, so that the exemption will be lifted as of 2nd October 2020. As a result, all registrations carried out in the period from April to October 2020, by video by the Smart Registration Service (SRS) and not by video identification of the financial intermediaries, will no longer be approved for the qualified electronic signature pursuant to ZertES from 2nd October 2020, but only for the advanced electronic signature. Users will therefore have to register again in order to obtain a QES for the Swiss legal area again. If you as a user are affected by the repeal of the VZertES, you can simply visit the Swisscom Shop in your area and renew your registration.