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Postident and Video Ident method are now established mechanisms for proving one’s identity from home. For instance, these methods are necessary when opening a bank account or registering for a qualified electronic signature to be able to conclude digital contracts. From an entrepreneurial point of view, these identification methods offer clear advantages but also require time and cost for execution. In contrast, the new Auto Ident method relies on artificial intelligence and saves human resources within companies.


What is the Auto Ident method?

Auto Ident is about identity verification, where customers or users prove their identity with an app. In this digital process, there are no video agents who check the corresponding documents, but modern AI technologies.

Areas of application

Just like video identification, the Auto Ident method enables different areas of automated identity verfication and applications.

Activation of mobile phone contracts

Concluding mobile phone contracts and activating new telephone numbers always requires an identification process. Here, you can apply an Auto Ident solution that is legally compliant.

Authentication of remote signature

To be able to use remote signatures or a qualified electronic signature, a person always needs to go through a personal identification. In this case, companies can rely on Auto Ident solution provider.

Opening a bank account

In the financial sector, banks and customers alike benefit from the possibility of automated identification when opening accounts. The required proof of a valid identity document can be checked using AI that the Auto Ident method offers.

How the Auto Ident procedure works

In the Auto Ident procedure, software matches the person and the identity document. In gerneral, apps or other software solutions are used.

Verification of authenticity

AI checks the authenticity of identity documents. In this way, you can already reduce many fraud cases.

Video-based real-time analysis

The AI uses video-based analysis to recognise authentic security features such as holograms on the ID document.

Check relevant information

After the authenticity has been checked, the software reads out all relevant information from the proof of identification. Static security checks also follow.


Functionality of the implementation

If you would like to introduce Auto Ident in your company, be it for registration processes or the use of electronic signatures, a corresponding software solution can be integrated into the internal platforms. Auto Ident processes are highly configurable and can be easily adjusted to individual user needs. For example, identification by photo or video can be configured. The implementation is therefore highly customisable.


Auto Ident vs. Video Ident

The Auto Ident offers clear advantages over the Video Ident procedure:


Software solutions that learn from application errors and become even better are faster and more efficient than person-to-person checks. Most importantly, this avoids long waits for a staff member.



With AI, you can reduce the cost of human resources immensely and relieve employees of unpleasant tasks that often reduce motivation and performance.

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