Author: Johanna Böhm

Coffreo and Swisscom Trust Services digitize employment contracts at Home of Jobs

Home of Jobs, one of the leading providers in qualified personnel leasing and recruitment, is taking the next step into a new age and is now generating, sending, and signing its documents digitally.

With the help of the internationally leading platform provider Coffreo, which specializes in digitizing documents in the personnel services sector and their signature, this process is carried out fully automatically. Without the Home of Jobs employees being specially trained, the documents are generated in the personnel service provider's ERP system (E+S software) as they are today and transferred from there to Coffreo. The Swiss company Swisscom Trust Services provides the necessary qualified electronic signature, which meets the European eIDAS directive's strict requirements.

 "The digital solution from Coffreo is a gift," says Ms. Schönjahn, branch manager at Home of Jobs in Peine. "We have many customers who need staff spontaneously and immediately, and it used to be a huge effort for us to get the AÜV signed in time before the start of the transfer. Thanks to the qualified electronic signature with Coffreo, this can be done in a few minutes, and the employee can start immediately. This is a great relief for us and our customers."

"The seamless integration of complex documents such as ANÜV and accompanying documents between our ERP system E+S Software and the Coffreo services as an existing standard solution has worked excellently. We wanted minimum implementation effort and cost yet maximum efficiency. It had to be thought through by both our process teams and the Coffreo project team. What we found in Coffreo is a partner who understands our processes and perfectly supports us in serving our clients better and making the daily work of our advisors much easier.
We look forward to providing this service to all our clients, including other services such as employee onboarding. We thank Coffreo for their commitment to our industry and this solution,"
says Mr. Wolff, commercial director and the authorized signatory at Home of Jobs.

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