Author: Ingolf Rauh

Shorter way to audit report

Every year, Gastroconsult has to sign twice more than 3.000 audit reports by hand. Since July 2021, Gastroconsult has saved this time and logistical effort.

Gastroconsult is a subsidiary of GastroSuisse and takes care of the accounting, consulting and auditing of over 3,000 catering businesses. Since 1921, Gastroconsult has been the industry specialist and the number 1 in the Swiss restaurant and hotel industry. With the evidence eSignature Solution from Glaux Soft and the qualified electronic signature from Swisscom Trust Services, Gastroconsult and its subsidiaries significantly reduce the effort involved in signing the annual audit reports of audit clients. It not only avoids media discontinuities and shortens processing time, but also enables signing regardless of location and expands the foundation for their digital future.

"Signing audit reports digitally is just the first of several steps," says Enzo Pontoriero, Chairman of the Executive Board.

RA agencies in their own right

In the near future, Gastroconsult wants to do more than just signing audit reports with a qualified electronic signature. The company likes to integrate eSignature into specialized applications and connect it to its document management. The planned expansion, but especially the scaling of the solution for their subsidiaries, is facilitated by the fact that Gastroconsult has been authorized a registration authority agency. The company can independently authorizes new users of eSignature for the qualified electronic signature (QES). Thus, Gastroconsult can always keep track of all those who digitally sign on its behalf. Gastroconsult has set up the necessary registration authority in cooperation with Swisscom and trained its employees as Registration Authority (RA-) agents. They are using the RA app to identify persons for the qualified electronic signature.

Corporate identity included

From the beginning, Gastroconsult worked closely with Glaux Soft and Swisscom Trust Services in order to provide an optimized signature solution for the company. The solution can easily adapted to Gastroconsult's needs. Now, Gastroconsult has a digital signature that corresponds to its corporate identity and supports its visual identity. The solution is based on the proven and standardized signature solution evidence from Glaux Soft, which uses the electronic signature and the identification solution from Swisscom Trust Services. An optimal combination of standards and individual adaptation to one's own needs.

Why the evidence eSignature Solution?

Gastroconsult puts great emphasis on keeping audit report data on-site, i.e. on-premise, and therefore chose evidence eSignature. In combination with the electronic signature from Swisscom Trust Services, for the creation of a signature only hash values and no documents are transmitted, all needs were covered.

"The eSignature solution serves our needs exactly and, as a standalone application, fits perfectly into our Citrix environment," says Enzo Pontoriero.