Author: Marco Schmid

Remote QES with Selected Signing Services

Discover how to use remote digital signatures for business continuity, enhanced security, and superior customer experience while reducing operational costs. You’ll also hear how Cryptomathic and Swisscom joined forces to launch a fully managed QES service - hosted in Swiss data centers - to deliver the highest assurance level for multiple jurisdictions. And finally, learn about how qualified signatures outside of eIDAS and ZertES jurisdictions (e.g., from Asia) could be used while storing your private signature certificate key on a Swiss-located HSM.

Now, more than ever, we need to take every opportunity to create a secure, cashless, and paperless world that appropriately supports citizens and businesses. During prolonged periods of social distancing, which may prevent legally binding documents from being signed, the availability of remotely qualified e-signature (QES) services is essential for business continuity.


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