Author: Ingolf Rauh

eIDAS 2.0 Unpacked: Your Questions Answered

What is eIDAS 2.0, and how does it differ from the original eIDAS regulation?

eIDAS 2.0 is a revision of the original eIDAS regulation, officially known as the European Digital Identity Framework. It aims to promote the European trust landscape without undermining the sovereignty of Member States. This update has several implications for businesses, particularly in the digital services sector. For example, introducing eID wallets will give EU citizens and legal entities easier access to digital services while facilitating cross-border recognition of identity solutions.

What are the implications of eIDAS 2.0 on the provision of digital identity solutions?

The new regulation means that EU citizens and legal entities will have access to eID wallets that will be used for authentication across a wide range of digital services. Organizations must prepare to integrate these solutions and reap the benefits of streamlined authentication. For example, adopting eID wallets across industries has led to a smoother and more secure customer authentication process, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How does eIDAS 2.0 influence cross-border recognition of identity solutions?

One of the key objectives of eIDAS 2.0 is to promote the cross-border recognition of identity solutions. This means that companies can extend their digital services across different European countries. For example, financial institutions can expand their customer base to international markets as eIDAS 2.0 enables seamless and trusted identity verification.

How does eIDAS 2.0 address interoperability challenges in the digital services sector?

eIDAS 2.0 introduces measures to enhance interoperability among Member States' electronic identification systems. This fosters smoother cross-border transactions and ensures that digital services can be accessed seamlessly across different jurisdictions within the EU. Swisscom Trust Services is pivotal in facilitating this interoperability by offering solutions that adhere to eIDAS 2.0 standards and enable businesses to navigate regulatory requirements effectively.

How does Swisscom Trust Services assist companies in implementing the technical infrastructure according to eIDAS 2.0?

Swisscom Trust Services has extensive experience implementing the technical infrastructure required for eIDAS 2.0 compliance. The company offers tailor-made solutions that enable companies to integrate seamlessly into the extended identity and signature ecosystem. For example, Swisscom Trust Services offers consulting services and technical support for integrating eIDAS 2.0-compliant solutions into companies' IT infrastructure.



What additional services does Swisscom Trust Services offer under eIDAS 2.0?

In addition to issuing qualified certificates for electronic signatures, Swisscom Trust Services offers a range of additional services to help companies fully take advantage of eIDAS 2.0. These include the provision of certificates for secure website authentication and secure electronic document archiving. These additional services help ensure the security, integrity, and trustworthiness of digital transactions.

How does Swisscom Trust Services ensure compliance with data protection provisions under eIDAS 2.0?

eIDAS 2.0 introduces measures to improve interoperability between Member States' electronic identification systems. This will facilitate cross-border transactions and ensure seamless access to digital services across different jurisdictions within the EU. In addition, eIDAS 2.0 strongly emphasizes the protection of personal data, requiring companies to comply with strict data protection rules. Swisscom Trust Services ensures compliance with these regulations, protecting customer data in accordance with the strict requirements of eIDAS 2.0 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With Swisscom Trust Services' expertise, companies can navigate the complexities of eIDAS 2.0 implementation while maintaining the highest data security and regulatory compliance standards.

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