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Launch of RA Enterprise App Framework Service

Swisscom Trust Services now provides the RA Enterprise App Framework Service as an application component, replacing the problem of double identification with a standardised solution.

This simple and quickly integrated service intends to facilitate the previous complex process of digital contract preparation. By a legally recognized method with the help of the RA Enterprise App, the persons of the contracting parties are clearly identified. Thereby, our customers and partners become a delegated registration authority for the Swisscom Signing Service. Subsequently, the gathered identification data can be provided by the customer or partner himself for his own purposes, e.g. for drafting a contract. Then, the identification record will be transferred to the Swisscom Signing Service so that the electronic signature of the contracting parties is provided to sign finally the contract. The RA Enterprise App allows the customer or partner to customize their own business logic as well as design and enrich identification data. Our customers and partners benefit from the many years of experience of Swisscom Trust Services and can smoothly integrate a secure customer-specific identification solution including application into their existing processes.

More information can be found here: FactSheet RA Enterprise App