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Identify the world free of charge …

A new version of the RA-App (Android, iOS) war released this week. The RA-App enables trained “RA-Agents” to identify people for electronic advanced and qualified signatures acording to the Swiss Signature Act (ZertES) or eIDAS regulation (EU). Swisscom signs a “RA Agency” contract with the RA Agency whose employees can take over the role of a RA-Agent. The RA-Agency nominates the first “RA Master Agent” which can train other employees by an e-learning module and nominate them as RA-Agent. Complete self-rollout is possible.

The contract is free of charge. Swisscom asks only for fees for provided signatures. In both apps you can activate a demo mode (without any data transfer) with the mobile number “+41001234567” and the company name “demo”. For the identification the physical presence of a person is always necessary.

The new version contains a lot of new nationalities which can be identified. Please find more information here.