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Identification for the electronic signature @Swisscom Shops

From 15 Oct. 2019 you can be identified in the Swisscom shops in the Canton of Fribourg for the qualified electronic signature.

You would like to sign electronically, but have not yet registered for the electronic signature. You can now do this very quickly and free of charge in one of the Swisscom shops in the Canton of Fribourg. Simply go to the Swisscom Shop and tell the customer advisor that you would like to sign electronically and register for it. He will do this with you within a few minutes.

All you need is your mobile phone to accept the service and be able to trigger your signature in the future. Activate your Mobile ID beforehand to avoid annoying processes with password and SMS codes. This service is also free of charge for you. More information about Mobile ID at Your customer advisor will make an exchange for you (but only if you are a Swisscom customer).