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Case Study

Complete digital processes in the finance industry

The financial provider Baloise can fully digitise challenging and highly regulated processes with the help of Swisscom Trust Services partner ROCKON Digital Evolution.


Baloise operates in Switzerland as an integrated financial services provider, a combination of bank and insurance company. In addition, the company is active in Germany as well as in Belgium and Luxembourg. The approximately 7,900 Baloise employees focus on optimal customer service as well as innovative products and services.

In the case of life insurance applications and opening a new customer file, the problems of time-consuming processes arose. In the interest of an optimal customer experience and faster business processing, Baloise was looking for a complete digital solutions.

Paperless account or insurance

In order to realise simpler and faster business processes in the highly regulated financial environment, Baloise relies on the expertise of ROCKON Digital Evolution – expert in the field of customer identification and legally binding contract signing with an electronic signature. ROCKON obtains the required certificates for the qualified electronic signature (QES) from Swisscom Trust Services.

Since the launch of the joint solution in August 2019, customers have been able to sign electronically from the comfort of their own homes or in the branches. Possible application scenarios include insurance and bank contracts. During the process, customers are advised individually by an employee. This ensures that the customer’s needs are optimally addressed and possible errors when filling out online forms can be avoided. The company thus also benefits from faster processes:

“I notice a significant acceleration in customer interaction. Compared to the previous paper process, we are at least a week faster,” says Matthias Merki, customer advisor at Baloise.

Identification during a consultation

The identification for the qualified electronic signature is subject to strict security guidelines. Therefore, in this project it was obvious to integrate this step into a personal consultation and to create a trustworthy environment. The modern solution IdentON, identification service from ROCKON  supports the customer advisors. During the identification of a customer, his or her shown identity documents are scanned and checked for authenticity. The Smart Registration Service of Swisscom Trust Services acts as the technical infrastructure in the background.

As soon as the customer’s identity has been confirmed, he or she is authorised to digitally sign contracts. Customers only need their mobile phone, because they receive a confirmation SMS-code as part of the two-factor authentication. If the customer enters this code, this is considered a clear expression of intent and the signature is triggered. Since this process is automated, various contracts can be legally signed within minutes.

“I would definitely recommend the electronic signature. On the one hand, because it allows us as customer advisors to focus on other things in the advisory service — keyword ‘less paperwork’ — on the other hand, because we are continuously learning and flexibly implementing operational and technological improvements”, says Merki.