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This page contains status information about our service availability. You can see the current status of the services in the display below.

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Maintenance Work June 29th 2024 between 9 and 11 pm

24.05.2024 Read more

Maintenance Work, Wednesday May 22nd between 9 and 11pm

15.05.2024 Read more

RA App update required

25.04.2024 Read more

Certificate change: DN entry changes for access certificate...

24.04.2024 Read more

Maintenance Multiple Authentication Broker

22.04.2024 Read more

REMINDER - Update Smart Flow Service: Please implement new...

08.02.2024 Read more

TLS Ciphers Changes on Feb. 12th, 2024 8.30pm-9.00pm

07.02.2024 Read more

Text Messaging (SMS) - Maintenance With No Expected...

31.01.2024 Read more

Maintenance activities Feb. 1st 10-11.30am

31.01.2024 Read more

Maintenance Activities January 25th 2024 - 9 till 10.30pm

22.01.2024 Read more

New version of RA app available

21.12.2023 Read more

Update Smart Flow Service: Please implement new...

08.12.2023 Read more

Update concerning the press release yesterday about auto...

01.12.2023 Read more

Mobile ID restrictions

01.12.2023 Read more

Changes in Auto Identification Regulations in Germany:...

30.11.2023 Read more

Nov. 14th 2023: New release on the module sending out SMS

09.11.2023 Read more

Test status message

03.11.2023 Read more

Currently problems with SMS

20.10.2023 Read more

Signing Service does not work properly

17.10.2023 Read more

RA-App: Problems with Italian ID cards and passports

17.10.2023 Read more

18.10.2023 Release Signing Service component - shifted for...

09.10.2023 Read more

Maintenance work planed on Oktober 8th 2023

28.09.2023 Read more

14.9.2023 Test of georedundant failover

13.09.2023 Read more

06.09.2023 Hint for validators in Italy

06.09.2023 Read more

01.09.2023 SRS Bank Ident (Klarna) Funktionsstörungen -...

01.09.2023 Read more

2023-08-31 SRS Bank Ident (Klarna) has an issue

31.08.2023 Read more

2023-08-31 Release yesterday evening installed

31.08.2023 Read more

30.8. and 06.09.2023 Maintenance activities SMS and...

30.08.2023 Read more

Release for SMS (iFrame) adaptations set for August 30, 2023

25.08.2023 Read more

Update on planend Release August 23rd

24.08.2023 Read more

Malfunction RA App for IOS

21.08.2023 Read more

2023-08-23 Expected Release for SMS (iFrame) adaptations

18.08.2023 Read more

Preanouncement - changes on the SMS/OTP iFrame window...

17.08.2023 Read more

2023-08-09 Increased waiting times with video ident (EU) by...

09.08.2023 Read more

2023-08-09 Maintenance activities planned for signing and...

04.08.2023 Read more

2023-08-12 Maintenance Activities NFC Identification via...

31.07.2023 Read more

2023, July 12th Maintenance Mobile ID System

28.06.2023 Read more

12.7.2023: Maintenance OCSP Service

27.06.2023 Read more

21.06.23 Short interruption in the service this morning

21.06.2023 Read more

New version of the RTR validator - now correct validation...

19.06.2023 Read more

Welcome to our new service status page

16.06.2023 Read more

TLS certificate change on the signing System

12.06.2023 Read more

2023-04-27 DDoS Attack

27.04.2023 Read more

24.04.2023 RTR Validator does not return the correct result...

20.04.2023 Read more

2023-04-19 Discontinuation of SRS Bankident DE...

19.04.2023 Read more

2023-04-19 RTR (Supervisory Body for eIDAS in Austria) has...

19.04.2023 Read more

2023-04-18 Disruption for the services "Check Signature" ,...

18.04.2023 Read more

04-04-2023 Maintenance Work 1pm-3pm

30.03.2023 Read more

2023-03-30 SRS Bankident DE / Klarna disrupted

30.03.2023 Read more

16-03-2023 Maintenance e-Learning Platform

10.03.2023 Read more

Update SRS: Issue is fixed

07.03.2023 Read more

Issues in SRS - Identification methods SRS Video EU and SRS...

07.03.2023 Read more

2023-03-03 Error in invoicing for February

03.03.2023 Read more

20.02.2023 (Reminder) Maintenance RA Service

20.02.2023 Read more

2023-02-20 This evening extensions on the Signing Service

20.02.2023 Read more

2023-02-17 Problem with the Swiss Validator

17.02.2023 Read more

2023-02-15: Switchover to our georedundant site

15.02.2023 Read more

15-02-2023 Malfunction at SRS-Videoident-CH fixed.

15.02.2023 Read more

2023-02-20 Maintenance Work on the Signing Service

13.02.2023 Read more

2023-02-13 Buffer size of signatures

13.02.2023 Read more

13-02-2023 Malfunction with SRS Videoident-CH

13.02.2023 Read more

10-02-2023 - Neuer Link zum Smart-Flow Frontend

10.02.2023 Read more

09.02.2023 Maintenance RA Service

09.02.2023 Read more

2023-01-31 Disturbance Mobile ID / SMS

31.01.2023 Read more

2023-01-12 RTR Validation

12.01.2023 Read more

2023-1-25 Maintenance on SMS Service

12.01.2023 Read more

2023-01-18 Maintenance Signing Service

09.01.2023 Read more

2023: New postal address

27.12.2022 Read more

2022-12-16 Problems with Video- and Autoidentification in...

16.12.2022 Read more

2022-12-13 SMS in Romania, Austria (Drei) are blocked

13.12.2022 Read more

Reminder: Dec. 31st., 2022 all old CA4 claimed IDs will be...

12.12.2022 Read more

2022-12-15 Maintenance work

08.12.2022 Read more

2022-12-08 New Portal To Check Your Registry And Accept...

08.12.2022 Read more

06-12-2022 - Number change for SMS sender for terms and...

06.12.2022 Read more

2022-11-23 Maintenance tonight

23.11.2022 Read more

2022-11-17 App2App Switch available for Mobile ID App

17.11.2022 Read more

2022-11-15 Maintenance Work on the Authentication Module

14.11.2022 Read more

2022-11-01 Identification now possible with credit card...

31.10.2022 Read more

01.11.2022 - SRS Identification Page between 10 and 11 AM...

27.10.2022 Read more

2023-01-01 Change of Issuing CA in Europe

12.10.2022 Read more

2022-10-13: Maintenance work in the evening

11.10.2022 Read more

2022-10-11 Currently disruption of Mobile ID

11.10.2022 Read more

02.10.2022 Maintenance PKI-HSM Systems

23.09.2022 Read more

2022-09-19 Outage Mobile ID this morning

19.09.2022 Read more

2022-09-15 Adaptation of Swisscom's Data Protection Policy

15.09.2022 Read more

2022-09-14 Change of SMS Supplier For Messages To Austria

14.09.2022 Read more

2022-09-14 Elimination of the password reset functionality

14.09.2022 Read more

2022-09-14 SRS Autoident CH identification method will be...

14.09.2022 Read more

2022-09-15 Maintenance of our time stamp unit

08.09.2022 Read more

2022-09-13 Maintenance work on the PWD-OTP module

06.09.2022 Read more

2022-08-25 and 2022-09-01 Maintenance Activities for the...

22.08.2022 Read more

2022-08-12 Problems With Video Identification in...

12.08.2022 Read more

2022-08-18 Maintenance Work Mobile ID

03.08.2022 Read more

2022-08-03 Video Identification (EU) is disturbed...

03.08.2022 Read more

2022-07-26 Problems with Docusign Connector

26.07.2022 Read more

Connection to DocuSign platform is up and running again

21.07.2022 Read more

19.07.2022 SMS outage in Germany

20.07.2022 Read more

July 2022 New General Terms and Conditions for Resellers...

30.06.2022 Read more

Renewal All-In Signing Server Certificates

24.06.2022 Read more

Additional QC statement in certificates

24.06.2022 Read more

New QC statement in certificates

24.06.2022 Read more

December 31st, 2022 Exchange of Issuing CA in Europe (eIDAS...

16.06.2022 Read more

June 16th 2022 Maintenance Work OCSP system

15.06.2022 Read more

Sunday June 19th 2022 Maintenance Work on our CA -...

15.06.2022 Read more

June 22nd, 2022 Additional maintenance work for Mobile ID

09.06.2022 Read more

Docusign is fully available again.

01.06.2022 Read more

Problem with Docusign

01.06.2022 Read more

June 15th 2022 Mobile ID maintenance work

31.05.2022 Read more

June 7th till June 9th 2022 Maintenance Work SMS System

31.05.2022 Read more

24.5. Now possible: auto-identification within SRS service

24.05.2022 Read more

Docusign problem solved

09.05.2022 Read more

Problem when signing with Docusign

09.05.2022 Read more

SRS Video available again

06.05.2022 Read more

SRS Video not available

05.05.2022 Read more

New signature check page available

28.04.2022 Read more

April 21st, 2022 Work on SMS module

20.04.2022 Read more

Maintenance work SRS Identification page

19.04.2022 Read more

2022-07-14 Information regarding Smart Registration Service

14.04.2022 Read more

05.04.2022 New SMS sender number for recipients in Germany

05.04.2022 Read more

Issue of Signing Service fixed

04.04.2022 Read more

Problems with signature

04.04.2022 Read more

Signing Service

04.04.2022 Read more

13.03.2022 2am-4am Maintenance Work

08.03.2022 Read more

Maintenance Smart Registration Service identification page

23.02.2022 Read more

23.02.2022 Maintenance RA Service

09.02.2022 Read more

Simplification of the Status Page

07.02.2022 Read more

16.02.2022 Mobile ID (App and SIM Card) Maintenance...

31.01.2022 Read more

Change of release - signing service, February 1st 2021

26.01.2022 Read more

Interruptions in Smart Registration Service

25.01.2022 Read more

January 23rd, 2022 Maintenance Work with interruption up to...

20.01.2022 Read more

25.01.2022 Maintenance RA Service

14.01.2022 Read more

Short maintenance activity tonight between 8 and 9pm

06.01.2022 Read more

log4shell vulnerability - CVE-2021-44228 - Smart...

13.12.2021 Read more

log4shell vulnerability - CVE-2021-44228 - Signing Service

13.12.2021 Read more

Maintance Mobile ID

26.11.2021 Read more

Video and eID identification available again

26.10.2021 Read more

Video and eID Identification currently unavailable

26.10.2021 Read more

CA4 Switch: Final sprint

25.10.2021 Read more

12.10.21 Update RA Agency Contracts

11.10.2021 Read more

Maintenance work Developer Website

08.10.2021 Read more

Start Developer Page

01.10.2021 Read more

SRS: Integration of German eID (Personalausweis/ID card)

06.09.2021 Read more

Switzerland: New version of the validator of the Federal...

31.08.2021 Read more

Maintenance window Signing Service

02.08.2021 Read more

QES Problem

12.07.2021 Read more

SRS-Bank - technical change

09.07.2021 Read more

Update terms of use Signing Service

10.05.2021 Read more

04.05.2021 Maintenance work RA Service

20.04.2021 Read more

CA4: Update of application documentation

16.04.2021 Read more

Maintenance window Smart Registration Service

12.04.2021 Read more

New Links for Github Documentation

02.04.2021 Read more

New Terms Of Use for the Selected Signing Service offered...

24.03.2021 Read more

Maintenance Work on Identification Page

23.03.2021 Read more

Start Switch to CA4

22.03.2021 Read more struggles with new cryptoalgorithms

22.03.2021 Read more

Maintenance work eLearning RA Agents

22.03.2021 Read more

March/April 2021: New Terms of Use

11.03.2021 Read more

9.3.2021: Cloud incident

10.03.2021 Read more

New release to fix the problem with PAdES validators

23.02.2021 Read more

Disturbances under heavy load

19.02.2021 Read more

Migration CA4

19.02.2021 Read more

Swisscom shops still open for identification

14.01.2021 Read more

Maintenance window of DocuSign Connector

13.01.2021 Read more

Swisscom Timestamp now Qualified for eIDAS

23.12.2020 Read more

Mobile ID App Update in Playstore available

15.12.2020 Read more

Registration Service: Mobile ID App is now available in all...

06.11.2020 Read more

Signature Service: Mobile ID App is now available in all EU...

06.11.2020 Read more

Signature with MobileID App (iOS, Android)

02.11.2020 Read more

AIS: Maintenance Work on Oct. 14th

13.10.2020 Read more

Maintenance on Okt. 14th between 4:00 and 5:00 AM

09.10.2020 Read more

Technical information related to expiring of ZertES Art7a,...

05.10.2020 Read more

SRS, RA-Service, Docusign: Adaptation of the TLS connections

05.10.2020 Read more

AIS: Adaptation of the TLS protocol

05.10.2020 Read more

Deciscion withdrawn: Contracts need again a qualified...

28.09.2020 Read more

2022-09-22 Maintenance Work On Mobile ID System

21.09.2020 Read more

SRS/RA-Service: ca. 30 minutes downtime on Oct. 5th, 2020

17.09.2020 Read more

Video Identification Switzerland: Expiration of the...

16.09.2020 Read more

SMS troubles could harm Swisscom Trust Services

10.09.2020 Read more

DN replacement (template) from RA-Service not usable

01.09.2020 Read more

Possibility to receive the exact DN from SRS / RA-Service

21.08.2020 Read more

Shift CA4 Update

18.08.2020 Read more

Update identification portal: Identification via browser...

18.08.2020 Read more

22.07.2020 Maintaince Work at RA Service

07.07.2020 Read more

AIS: new combined timestamp now alive

29.06.2020 Read more

AIS: new reinstallation of the new combined time stamp EU/CH

24.06.2020 Read more

Roll-back combined timestamp

15.06.2020 Read more

AIS: Maintenance announcement downtime on June 28th 2020

09.06.2020 Read more

New EU-CH timestamp unit

28.05.2020 Read more

Registrations also possible in the Swisscom Shop SBB...

11.05.2020 Read more

Identification portal: Identifications only via web browser

11.05.2020 Read more

Smart Registration Service: Video identification with Smart...

28.04.2020 Read more

All-in Signing Service: Please have a look to the...

14.04.2020 Read more

New CA4 in October

14.04.2020 Read more

All-in Signing Service: possiblity to check the ability to...

09.04.2020 Read more

All-in Signing Service: New Decisions of the Federal...

06.04.2020 Read more