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About the RA App

According to the Swiss federal law ZertES and the EU regulation eIDAS, electronic signature users must be identified and registered. With our self-developed and certified mobile Registration Authority App (RA App for short), we enable you as a company to take this identification and registration process for the electronic signature into your own hands. Only authorized persons, so-called Registration Authority (RA) agents, can register and identify a person with the RA App for the electronic signature after completing an eLearning.
After successful identification and registration in the RA App, the identified persons receive an SMS with a link to the terms of use. If these are accepted, these persons can sign qualified electronically in all applications of our partners that have integrated the signing service.

The advantages of the RA App


After going through e-learning, a person quickly becomes an authorized RA agent and can operate the RA app to identify and register other persons for electronic signature.

Can be used throughout Europe (incl. Switzerland)

With the RA App, persons of all nationalities can be identified and registered for electronic signature. Valid passports of all countries worldwide and identity cards of the EU Schengen area are accepted for the scan. We use the identity card database of our partner Regula Forensic for this purpose. The identification of a person by an RA agent is only permitted within the legal areas of the EU and Switzerland. In third countries, regulatory clarifications are necessary, in which we will be happy to assist you.


Our auditors regularly check the identification and registration process with the RA App. The identity data collected for the electronic signature is stored as evidence in a secure geo-redundant data center of Swisscom in Switzerland.

Free of charge

The RA app is available free of charge in the popular app stores. Companies only need to conclude a regulatory RA agency agreement with Swisscom. The subsequent use of the RA App, persons' registration, and the associated administration portal are free of charge.

The RA App at a glance

RA App at a glance EN


Legally valid and certified

With the RA App from Swisscom Trust Services, you opt for a pan-European identification and registration solution for legally valid electronic signatures. Swisscom Trust Services is a certified trust service provider in the EU and Switzerland that considers industry-specific requirements and adheres to various compliance regulations.

EU Verordnung eIDAS

EU Regulation eIDAS

Registration for qualified and advanced signatures

Schweizer Bundesgesetz ZertES

Swiss Federal Law ZertES

Registration for qualified and advanced signatures

ETSI Normen

ETSI standards for identification methods

TS 119461

How to get the RA App

RA Agency Contract with Swisscom Trust Services

1. RA Agency Contract

As a company, you conclude a so-called RA Agency Agreement with Swisscom Trust Services. The RA agency contract contractually regulates the tasks and obligations of the registrar activity. It transfers the responsibility for the identification and registration of persons for the electronic signature to your company.

Define Master Registration Agents

2. Determine the Master RA agent

In the RA Agency Agreement, you appoint a responsible person from your company to act as the initial Master Registration Agent (Master RA agent for short). The Master RA agent is identified in the first step, and Swisscom sets up the corresponding RA agency with the Administration Portal. In the second step, the Master RA agent undergoes two e-learnings. Through e-learning, the Master RA agent is authorized to use the RA app and is responsible via the administration portal for defining further RA agents in the company's RA agency.

Roll-out of the RA agency in the company

3. Building RA agency

Now the initial Master RA Agent can use the RA App to identify and register additional persons for the electronic signature. Furthermore, with the help of the administration portal, the master RA agent appoints further persons to take on the role of either RA agent or master RA agent in the company's RA agency. The RA Agents appointed by the Master RA Agent also go through the automated eLearning to be able to operate the RA App.

Identifying people with the RA App

4. Identification with the RA App

After completing the e-learning, RA agents can download the RA app from the Android and iOS app stores in Europe, log in with the company's RA agency name, and start face-2-face identification of individuals for e-signature.

Try the RA App now

Download the "Swisscom RA" app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and try it out yourself.

The login data for the RA App Demo:

  • My registered mobile number: +41123456789
  • My company name: demo
Only ten countries are available in demo mode.
Important notes: No data is transmitted in demo mode. Only valid ID documents from 10 countries can be scanned in demo mode.


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