Technical importance of digital signature solutions for ERP providers and large corporations

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Technological complexities of large enterprises and ERP system providers

Large enterprises and ERP system providers face the same technical challenges when implementing e-signature solutions and integrating a Trust Service Provider (TSP) as their smaller counterparts in the software industry. However, the scale of their tasks significantly increases due to their company size, international business activities, and often complex organizational structures.

Regulatory compliance

Large corporations with a customer base that spans across various jurisdictions, as well as ERP providers with an international client group, are subject to a multitude of legal and regulatory requirements. When selecting a suitable Trust Service Provider, it is essential for companies to carefully assess their compliance with the relevant guidelines for issuing electronic signatures and digital certificates. This includes key regulations such as the eIDAS Regulation of the European Union and the ZertES Federal Law in Switzerland.

Complex IT infrastructure

Large enterprises and ERP software providers typically have a complex IT infrastructure with numerous legacy systems and applications. Integrating an e-signature solution from a Trust Service Provider (TSP) requires a thorough analysis and adjustment of existing systems to ensure seamless communication with the TSP architecture.

Scaling and performance

Large enterprises and ERP providers manage a high number of users and process a significant amount of business transactions and data. Therefore, the embedded e-signature solution from an authorized TSP must be designed to meet the scalability requirements of these companies. It should ensure that digital document signing is done quickly and reliably, maintaining the efficiency of automated processes even during peak load periods.

Data security and protection

In the day-to-day operations, large corporations often process and store a significant amount of sensitive data, making security and data protection crucial. On one hand, it is essential for companies to equip their IT infrastructure with advanced security protocols and comply with legal data protection requirements to safeguard data from unauthorized access. On the other hand, when choosing an accredited TSP, it is important to assess whether they can ensure the integrity of data transactions across various business processes. Particularly in the context of issuing and transmitting electronic signatures and digital certificates, confidentiality, traceability, and authenticity of data should be guaranteed.

Standardized user experience

Technology companies need to ensure they integrate an e-signature solution that seamlessly collaborates with other systems and processes, provides users with an intuitive interface, and consistently functions across all application areas.

The integration of a Trust Service Provider offers technological advantages

The integration of a qualified Trust Service Provider (TSP) can bring many benefits to large corporations.


Stronger security

TSPs offer enhanced security mechanisms such as a cryptographic PKI infrastructure for issuing digital certificates, digital e-signature and identity solutions, and advanced authentication solutions. These measures help protect sensitive data and mitigate cyber threats.


Enhanced Compliance

TSPs helfen Unternehmen dabei, gesetzlichen Anforderungen und Standards wie eIDAS in der EU oder ZertES in der Schweiz gerecht zu werden. Sie bieten digitale Fernsignaturdienste, die die Rechtsverbindlichkeit von elektronisch unterzeichneten Dokumenten gewährleisten.

Increase in efficiency

By implementing automated and secure management of digital identities and access rights, operations can be optimized for efficiency. Processes that were previously manual can now be automated with electronic signatures, saving time and resources.

Digital trust

TSPs support the establishment and management of trust in digital services. They offer services such as authentication, electronic signatures, seals, as well as timestamps and certificates, ensuring transaction security and trust in digital interactions.

Improved conversion and user experience

Through the use of Identity and Access Management solutions from TSPs, customers and users can easily log in and authenticate. Additionally, electronic signatures not only provide comprehensive protection and increased security of user data but also accelerate the conversion rate.


E-signature solutions from TSPs are typically highly scalable and can be easily adjusted to accommodate the increasing volume of business transactions.

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Smart Registration and Signing Service

Our embedded remote signature platform allows partner applications to implement electronic signatures or e-seal processes:

  • Qualified and advanced e-signatures or qualified/regulated and advanced e-seals including qualified timestamps
  • Pan-European solution compliant with ZertES and eIDAS
  • One-shot or repetitive e-signing
  • Only transmission of hash values to Swisscom Trust Services
  • Geo-redundant architecture

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Multiple Authentication Broker

Our remote signature solution includes a broker that orchestrates identification, registration of an approval method, and e-signature in an e-signing workflow with a partner application.

  • Largest selection of identification and authentication methods as a registration solution for e-signatures (compliant with ZertES and eIDAS)
  • No additional audits required for implementing user-friendly digital signing processes
  • Customized digital user experience tailored to individual customers; users can choose their preferred identification and authentication method for e-signature usage

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Why Swisscom Trust Services

Swisscom Trust Services is an accredited trust service provider in Europe and a certification service provider in Switzerland. We assist providers of software applications and solutions in digitizing the final process steps through the seamless integration of our legally secure electronic signatures and seals. We take into account the industry-specific and regulatory requirements of our clients.

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eIDAS compliant

Qualified and advanced electronic signatures and seals - recognized in all EU Member States



Qualified and advanced electronic signatures, and regulated and advanced e-seals - recognized in Switzerland


GDPR and FADP compliance

Protection of our customers' privacy and personal rights in compliance with the current data protection requirements in the EU and Switzerland.



Our standardized APIs utilize OIDC, OIDC-PAR/CIBA, and meet the requirements of ETSI standards TS 119 432 for remote signature.