PDF Library Provider

PDF Library

API integration provider

Several PDF library providers on the market can support you in implementing signed hash values on digital documents in your signature application. All listed providers also support the interface to the Smart Registration and Signing Service of Swisscom Trust Services.

Provider of PDF Libraries

The following providers support the Signing Service interface.


Blocksigner PDF library from Switzerland by Skribble.



Intarsys from Germany offers a PDF library in the on-premise signature software "Sign Live! cloud suite gears" and knows the Signing Service API well.


Swisscom Trust Services uses the libraries of iTEXT from Belgium in its examples. However, the examples are "out of date," i.e., some functionalities have changed. You can also find more information on our Trust Services GitHub.


PDFtools from Switzerland offers a 3-Heights PDF Suite


Setasign from Germany offers a PHP library called SetaPDF-Signer.


In principle, Swisscom Trust Services declines any responsibility for the functioning of these libraries. They may contain errors and require special knowledge and expertise. Use is the sole responsibility of the provider of the signature application.