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For legally valid electronic signatures and seals in Europe and Switzerland. eIDAS and ZertES compliant.

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Signing Service from Swisscom Trust Services

Easily integrated remote signature service

The advantages of electronic signatures are obvious: efficient digital processes without media discontinuity, no paper consumption, and cost and time savings. Our Signing Service is a cloud-based service that can be integrated into a signature application or solution with little effort through a simple interface (API). This enables individuals or companies to conclude legally valid business processes online using electronic signatures and seals.

Your advantages through an integration of the Signing Service

Pan-European and certified solution

The Signing Service is the only European signature and seal service that covers both legal areas, EU/EEA and Switzerland, with one interface. As an accredited trust service, the Signing Service fulfills the legal requirements of the EU regulation eIDAS and the Swiss federal law ZertES. In addition, the Signing Service adheres to the current standards issued, for example, by the European Telecommunications Institute (ETSI) and directed at trust service providers.

White Label

With the Signing Service, you use the advantages of our state-of-the-art technologies in the backend and remain the face or brand to the customer with your solution or application. The Signing Service has the option of white labeling. You do not need an explicit Swisscom account to revoke electronic signatures and their certificates. Only short-term certificates are issued, eliminating the need for a ram call.


We offer a complete solution consisting of an electronic signature, electronic seal, online identification, and approval methods, which you can easily integrate into your signature application or solution via APIs. You can also flexibly exchange individual components according to your use case, for example, if you want to integrate your own authentication or identification solution and approve it for the signature.


Only a hash value of the digitally signed document is transmitted during the signature process in an application. This means that Swisscom needs access to the document content. The processing of digital personal identities for the benefit of electronic signatures takes place in geo-redundant data centers in Switzerland. Compared to most others, Swisscom assumes total liability for correctly issuing electronic signatures, time stamps, and certificates.

Portfolio of the Signing Service

The integration of the Signing Service is based on a simple interface according to the ETSI standard EN 119432 Interface. This enables the fast transfer of document hash values into a signature application and thus generates short-lived signature certificates, including qualified time stamps for personal signatures or company seals. These signature certificates can be issued entirely remotely for both qualified and advanced levels according to the EU eIDAS regulation and the Swiss federal law ZertES.


Electronic signatures

For natural persons, the Signing Service offers qualified and advanced electronic signatures.

For example, electronic signatures are suitable for signing digital contracts provided to the signatory via an online signature portal or an application.

The advantage over a handwritten signature is that electronic signatures ensure/record the integrity, authenticity, and time of the signature of a person on the digital document in a legally secure manner.


Electronic seals

For legal entities (e.g., organizational signatures), the Signing Service offers advanced and qualified or regulated seals.

Electronic seals are suitable for the mass mailing of documents and invoices.

Furthermore, an electronic seal ensures integrity (protection of the content / securing immutability), the timing of the seal by a legal entity, and the authenticity of digital documents.


Signature certificates

The signing service generates and creates hash values with the signature application while exchanging documents, so-called on-demand or one-shot electronic certificates.

In electronic form, the digital signature certificate contains the names of the person or company registered in advance via the Smart Registration Service to use the Signing Service.

The certificate serves as proof of the integrity of a person or company within the scope of the electronic signature. The certificate can thus be used to establish that the electronic signature is uniquely assigned to the person or company.

Electronic time stamps

A qualified electronic time stamp is attached to every digital document during every signature process with the Signing Service.

The time stamp determines when the document's electronic signature or seal was placed.

With the electronic time stamp, courts or authorities can prove and confirm that a document has stayed the same since the signature was applied.

Legally valid and certified

With the Signing Service as an electronic signature solution from Swisscom Trust Services, you choose the only pan-European provider of legally valid signatures and online identities, considering industry-specific requirements and compliance regulations. We are a recognized trust service provider under the eIDAS Regulation in the EU and a provider of certification services under the federal law ZertES in Switzerland.


EU Regulation

Swiss Federal Law

Time stamp protocol


ETSI Standards


PDF/A and PAdES Standard

DIN Norm

EU Trusted List

Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) 

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