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Product description

White-label remote e-signature service

White-label remote e-signature service

The eIDAS-compliant qualified and advanced electronic signatures from Swisscom Trust Services enable efficient digital business processes, reducing paper, scanning, printing, and postal delivery costs. They enhance flexibility in digital contract signing and save time on administrative tasks.

Portfolio of digital identification and approval methodes for e-signature by Swisscom Trust Services

Portfolio of identification and signature approval methods

To utilize the eIDAS-compliant electronic signature, users undergo a one-time identity verification process and register a signature approval method. Following this, they can electronically sign digital documents multiple times over a specific period (repetitive e-signing). Swisscom Trust Services offers a broad selection of audited identification and approval methods through its trust platform. As a software partner of Swisscom Trust Services, you can offer your customers the appropriate identification procedures and preferred approval methods, depending on your use case, the applicable legal jurisdiction (EU or Switzerland), and the type of e-signature (qualified or advanced).


Ident-methods for eIDAS-signatures
Signature approval methods


Broker-orchestrated registration, identification and e-signature by Swisscom Trust Services

Broker-orchestrated registration, identification, and e-signature management

Our remote e-signing solution includes a broker that orchestrates between electronic signatures, online identification, and approval methods for a signature application provider. The broker offers the appropriate signature approval method to the signer. If this method is not yet registered, the broker also handles the registration and identification of the signer. Additionally, there is the option to use multiple identification methods as a backup in case the initially selected method fails for the signer. Subsequently, the user can approve and trigger the e-signature in a digital signing process. The orchestration is decision-based, depending on the requirements of the respective jurisdiction (EU or Switzerland) and the level of signature (qualified or advanced).

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Popular features through the integration of the remote signing solution

Pan-European certified solution

As the platform from a leading European provider, our innovative remote signing solution seamlessly integrates with the legal requirements of the EU/EEA and Switzerland. With our trust and certification service accreditation, Swisscom Trust Services meets the strict legal requirements of the EU eIDAS regulation and the Swiss Signature Act ZertES. Our solution allows you to securely and legally electronically sign confidential documents and contracts - regardless of the jurisdiction you are in.

Embedded signing software

Our embedded e-signing software offers a comprehensive orchestration of electronic signatures and online identification and approval methods that seamlessly integrate into your signature application. With the remote signing solution, you can use white-labeling to leverage the benefits of our cutting-edge technologies in the backend while presenting your application to your customers. You can customize the solution based on your specific use case and user experience to meet your customers' needs.


Only a hash value of the electronically signed document is transmitted during the signature process in an application. This ensures that Swisscom Trust Services never has access to the contents of the digital documents. The processing of digital identities for electronic signature purposes occurs in georedundant data centers in Switzerland. Unlike most others, Swisscom Trust Services assumes total liability for properly issuing electronic signatures, timestamps, and certificates.

Audited and standardized

Our auditors continuously review our processes and systems as an accredited certification service in Switzerland and a provider of trust services in the EU. All identification and authentication methods are approved according to the signature level (qualified or advanced) in Switzerland and the EU jurisdictions. Additionally, our signature solution complies with the latest international standards, such as ETSI, ISO, RFC, Common Criteria, etc.

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Why Swisscom Trust Services

Swisscom Trust Services is an accredited trust service provider in Europe and a certification service provider in Switzerland. We assist software applications and solutions providers in digitizing the final steps of processes by seamlessly integrating our legally secure electronic signatures and seals. We take into account our clients' industry-specific and regulatory requirements.

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Qualified and advanced electronic signatures - recognized in the EU and EEA



Qualified and advanced electronic signatures - recognized in Switzerland

GDPR and FADP compliance

Protection of our customer's privacy and personal rights by the data protection requirements in the EU and Switzerland



Our standardized APIs leverage OIDC and OIDC-PAR/CIBA and meet the requirements of ETSI Standards TS 119 432 for remote signatures

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