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By integrating our remote signature software, you can provide clients with their preferred authentication method during e-signing.This used to approve the electronic signature.

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Over 100 partners trust our remote e-signature solution, including broker-orchestrated approval methods.

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Product description

Authentication solutions for approving e-signatures by Swisscom Trust Services

Authentication solutions for approving e-signatures

To utilize an electronic signature, verifying a person's identity and registering a secure authentication method for future e-signature approvals is crucial without the need for re-identification. This authentication solution plays a vital role in the signature creation by enabling electronic signatures and ensuring the signer's authenticity. Swisscom Trust Services offers a broad portfolio of approval methods through its embedded remote e-signature platform, which a broker supports. As a software partner, you can select the desired approval methods based on your specific use case for e-signatures or according to your application's industry-specific requirements and customer needs and offer them to your customers in the signature workflow.

Audited approval methods for eIDAS- and ZertES-compliant e-signatures

Audited approval methods for eIDAS- and ZertES-compliant e-signatures

Depending on the signature level, authentication solutions must be certified as approval methods for advanced (at least 1-factor solution ="SCAL1") or qualified electronic signature (at least 2-factor solution "SCAL2") according to the EU regulation eIDAS, Swiss Signature Act ZertES, and ETSI/ISO standards.

All available approval methods for embedded remote e-signing software from Swisscom Trust Services are authorized and inspected for e-signature approval by EU regulations, eIDAS, and Swiss Federal Law ZertES.

Broker-orchestrated registration, identifikation and e-signature

Broker-orchestrated registration, identification, and e-signature

Our remote signature solution includes a broker orchestrating electronic signatures, online identification, and approval methods for a signature application provider. The broker provides the appropriate signature approval method to the signer. If this method is not yet registered, the broker also handles the registration and identification of the signer. Additionally, there is the option to use multiple identification methods as a backup in succession if the initially selected method fails for the signer. Then, the user can approve and trigger the e-signature in a digital signing process. The orchestration is decision-based, depending on the requirements of the respective jurisdiction (EU or Switzerland) and the signature level (qualified or advanced).

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Available approval methods for e-signatures

Swisscom Trust Services offers a variety of approval methods for e-signatures in its remote signing software. These solutions are approved as official authentication methods for e-signatures by the EU regulation eIDAS and the Swiss Signature Act ZertES. They meet the requirements of SCAL-2 for qualified electronic signatures and SCAL-1 for advanced electronic signatures.

Passkeys-FIDO 2

Swisscom Trust Services supports passkeys for passwordless authentication. The passkey is based on an asymmetric key system. Users must typically input their fingerprint, facial recognition, or PIN to confirm the passkey for an e-signature. This method allows for signature approval even without a smartphone.

Swisscom signature approval app

Our Signature Approval app offers a secure and SMS-independent authentication method. By scanning a QR code in the signature flow and using the smartphone's unlocking method (such as Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode), you can quickly and easily approve e-signatures.

Password and one-time code via SMS

During the e-signing process, you will use a personal password to approve your signature and then receive a one-time code via SMS on your mobile number.

Mobile ID

Mobile ID is a free two-factor authentication service Swisscom provides, available as an app or Swiss SIM card add-on for signature approval.

One-time code via SMS 

During a remote signing process with Fast Track, which relies solely on advanced e-signature, you'll authenticate your e-signature by inputting a one-time code received via SMS.

Software development kit 

To simplify and accelerate the audit process for an e-signature approval method, Swisscom Trust Services offers partners an already pre-audited authentication SDK. This allows you to use it as an e-signature approval method and customize it to match your corporate identity or design, ensuring a seamless signing process for your customers.

Why Swisscom Trust Services

Swisscom Trust Services is an accredited Trust Service Provider in Europe and a certification service in Switzerland. We assist providers of software applications and solutions in digitizing their final process steps through the seamless integration of our legally secure electronic signatures and seals. We take into account the industry-specific and regulatory requirements of our clients.

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Qualified and advanced electronic signatures and seals - recognized in the EU and EEA


Qualified and advanced electronic signatures or regulated and advanced e-seals - recognized in Switzerland


GDPR and FADP compliance

Protection of our customer's privacy and personal rights in accordance with the data protection requirements in the EU and Switzerland



Our standardized APIs leverage OIDC, OIDC-PAR/CIBA, and meet the requirements of the ETSI Standards TS 119 432 for remote signature

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Additional products available in the embedded signing platform

Are you interested in using your authentication solution as a signature approval method?

As a customer or identity provider (IDP), you can connect your authentication solution with our remote signing software. This integration requires compliance with legal requirements (eIDAS and ZertES), applicable regulations, and an implementation concept, including an audit. Swisscom Trust Services will assist you in creating the implementation concept and support you during the audit process. In addition, we will submit your authentication solution to the responsible authorities for certification as an approval method for e-signatures.