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Supported release methods for the electronic signature

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Sichere Authentisierung für die elektronische Signatur von Swisscom Trust Services

Secure authentication solutions for a signature release

In addition to identifying a person, registering a secure authentication method is necessary for the electronic signature. Authentication serves as a release for the electronic signature in the signature process and confirms the authenticity of a person. Depending on the signature level, according to the EU regulation eIDAS, the Swiss federal law ZertES and ETSI/ISO standards, the authentication solutions must be approved as release methods for the advanced (at least one factor="SCAL1") or qualified electronic signature (at least 2-factor solution="SCAL2").

Your advantages of our authentication solutions

Selection of the authentication solution

Select the appropriate authentication solution for your process or provide your own authentication for the signature release method.

Future-proof with innovative partners

We work with partners who provide the market's most secure and innovative two-factor authentication.

Legally compliant and certified

Certified auditors continuously check the processes and systems of our accredited certification body in Switzerland (according to ZertES) and our trust service in the EU (according to eIDAS). All authentication methods offered are approved according to these jurisdictions' signature level (qualified or advanced).

Flexibility and reuse

You use your existing authentication solution to release the electronic signature, which works on all smartphones and can be used for other business activities. This can be, for example, your used customer login methods or bank authentication apps for e-banking.

Available release methods for the electronic signature

Swisscom Trust Services offers authentication solutions with the Signing Service and Smart Registration Service. These are approved as official release methods for electronic signatures by the EU eIDAS regulation and the Swiss federal law ZertES. They fulfill the SCAL-2 requirement for qualified electronic signatures and the SCAL-1 requirement for advanced electronic signatures.
You can also approve your authentication solution for signature release and integrate it into the trust service environment of Swisscom Trust Services and thus offer legally valid electronic signatures via your signature application. Swisscom Trust Services will support you with the responsible approval authorities. It is also possible to make your release solution integrated in this way available to all Swisscom Trust Services signature platforms in connection with registration, e.g., for a fee.
Authentication-SDK (Software Development Kit)

To minimize the additional effort required to approve the release method, Swisscom Trust Services provides a supported authentication SDK. You can use this as a signature release method and design it in your corporate identity or design so that your customers do not notice any context change in the signature process.

Own authentication solution

Use your secure authentication solution from another business context and extend it as an approval method for the electronic signature. Swisscom Trust Services will provide you with full support for approval by the responsible authorities. Also, offer your customers this approval option in connection with other Swisscom Trust Services partner applications.

Password and SMS Code Method (PWD/OTP)

During electronic signature registration, you set a secure password and then receive a one-time SMS code on your mobile phone number. In the future, you will use these two factors as the release method for the electronic signature. This authentication solution is already implemented and approved in the Signing Service.

Mobile ID

Mobile ID is a free two-factor authentication from Swisscom, available as an app or Swiss SIM card add-on. Mobile ID is already implemented and approved in the Signing Service.

Legally valid and certified

All authentication solutions are approved release methods for the qualified or advanced electronic signature. Swisscom Trust Services is a pan-European provider of trust services and takes into account industry-specific requirements and compliance regulations. We promise to comply with a wide range of standards and laws.

EU Regulation eIDAS

Schweizer Bundesgesetz ZertES

Swiss Federal Law ZertES

ESTI Normen

EN Standards for authentication

ISO EN 419241-1