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To conclude legally compliant contracts in the digital world, customers must be identified once. Companies that want to combine compliance and a pleasant customer experience when onboarding new customers face several challenges:

User Experience
Onboarding processes must be simple, understandable, and fast. Otherwise, potential customers quickly become frustrated and abandon the process. Companies can no longer afford too much complexity in an era of intuitive apps and one-click ordering.
Conversion Rate
From lead to a customer is the goal, and conversion rate is the measure of success. There are disruptive factors in the customer journey that companies cannot influence, but onboarding does not have to be one of them - modern processes help to avoid abandonment here.
A frictionless customer experience must offer customer experiences that do not involve any media breaks. Ideally, they can identify themselves without changing their device or waiting. Simple onboarding is a clear competitive advantage today.
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Companies are confronted with growing regulatory requirements. They have to build bridges between money laundering laws, PSD2, and GDPR on the one hand and a seamless customer experience on the other. But keeping track of the current legal situation alone can be difficult.

Our solution for digital onboarding

Open accounts online without media disruption

According to the Money Laundering Act regulations, a customer must be identified when opening an account. Traditionally, this was done in person at the bank branch. Direct and online banks have had alternatives for some time: Identification at the post office or by video call - but better options exist. The customer either has to leave the house or stick to the working hours of a call center. The prerequisites for video calls are also only sometimes given, whether for personal or technical reasons.

With partners, Swisscom Trust Services enables the purely digital opening of accounts without media breaks. This procedure takes advantage of the interfaces created by PSD2. Thus, a reference transfer can identify any person who holds an existing account.

The advantages are obvious: simple and fast handling (log-in to online banking is sufficient) for consumers and cost advantages as well as high scalability on the part of the providers.

Trade shares immediately or play online.

Trading apps/platforms and gambling are booming sectors within the Internet economy. What both have in common: Customers usually want to start immediately after deciding on a particular offer. Lengthy and complex identification processes can lead to many aborts in the customer journey.

For customers to be able to use the offers, they must first deposit an initial amount. The interfaces created by PSD2 make it possible for user information to be transmitted securely during this transaction. Thus, the customer is identified as "on the fly," including mandatory age verification.

The corresponding solution, which Swisscom Trust Services developed specifically with a partner, integrates seamlessly so that it is invisible to the end user and does not create any additional complexity.

Digitize contract conclusions

High regulatory hurdles mean that contracts in finance and insurance often still have to be signed by hand. With extensive forms, customers can quickly make mistakes when filling them out. These are usually only discovered by the responsible clerk after being sent, further complicating the lengthy process.

Today, collaborative platforms make it possible to fill out contract forms together in the digital space. As with a branch appointment, advisors can ask their customers questions and see what they are filling out in real-time.

Swisscom Trust Services ensures that at the end of this process, the customer's declaration of intent is unambiguous and legally secure - just as when the completed contract is presented to the customer for signature on site.

Solution components

Our embedded remote signature platform enables application partners to implement effective digital onboarding processes. These processes allow end-users to easily identify themselves and quickly finalize contracts with electronic signatures. An integrated broker ensures a seamless registration of the signature approval method, digital identification, and e-signatures of users during the signing process. To deploy a smooth and efficient onboarding process, we suggest leveraging the following solution components of our platform.

One-shot e-signature eIDAS 

Combination solution of digital identification and one-time electronic signature (qualified or advanced) for KYC processes in the European jurisdiction

One-shot e-signature ZertES

Combination solution of digital identification and one-time electronic signature (qualified or advanced) for KYC processes in the Swiss jurisdiction

Fast track procedure ZertES

Fast user identification process via valid Swiss mobile number and subsequent approval of advanced electronic signature (AES) via SMS.

Identification procedures for eIDAS e-signatures

Broad portfolio of identification methods for the registration and use of electronic signatures (qualified or advanced) within the European jurisdiction

Identification methods for ZertES e-signatures

Wide variety of identification methods available for registering and using electronic signatures (qualified or advanced) in the Swiss jurisdiction

Together with our partners for digital onboarding



mesoneer is a software developer that specializes in creating process-driven end-to-end software solutions. They assist businesses in digitizing various processes, such as customer onboarding, automating business processes, ensuring compliance requirements are met, and integrating credit and insurance approvals.


Solaris is Europe's leading Banking-as-a-Service platform, paving the way for the future of finance. The tech company empowers businesses to effortlessly offer their customers trustworthy and innovative financial services. Through smart APIs, partners can seamlessly integrate financial services into their own product offerings. 


Ardeo ist davon überzeugt, dass die bewusste Digitalisierung und Automatisierung enorme Potenziale für mehr Transparenz, Einfachheit und unternehmerische Freiheiten bietet. Gemeinsam mit ihren Partnern und Kunden gestaltet ihr fünfköpfiges Team mit Leidenschaft und Unternehmergeist digitale Lösungen, die Menschen verbinden und begeistern.

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