API Integrations and PDF Libraries

Providers of API integrations

There are various libraries available on the market that enable a quick implementation of a subscriber application and, in particular, also relieve a signature application developer of the rather complex handling of signed hashes in documents. All of them have special support for the Swisscom service as well:



Intarsys, Germany: Fernsignatur,  https://www.intarsys.de/produkte/fernsignatur

PDF-Tools, Switzerland: 3-Heights PDF Suite. http://www.pdf-tools.com/pdf20/de/produkte/pdf-security-signature/pdf-security/

iText, Belgium: https://itextpdf.com/de/products/product-tour. Swisscom uses iText in its examples, but the examples are “out of date”, i.e. some functionalities have changed. But the basic handling can be seen there: https://github.com/SCS-CBU-CED-IAM/itext-ais

Setasign, Germany: Specialized on PHP:

Skribble, Switzerland (Skribble.com): https://api.skribble.com/swagger-ui.html



In principle, Swisscom declines any responsibility for the functioning of these libraries. They may contain errors and require special knowledge and expertise. Use is at the participant’s own risk.