API Integrations and PDF Libraries

Providers of API integrations

There are various libraries available on the market that enable a quick implementation of a subscriber application and, in particular, also relieve a signature application developer of the rather complex handling of signed hashes in documents. All of them have special support for the Swisscom service as well:



Intarsys, Germany:
intarsys offers an economically favourable and legally secure signature solution for companies with the OnPremise signature software “Sign Live! cloud suite gears” and the Signing Service from Swisscom Trust Services. https://www.intarsys.de/produkte/fernsignatur

PDF-Tools, Switzerland: 3-Heights PDF Suite. http://www.pdf-tools.com/pdf20/de/produkte/pdf-security-signature/pdf-security/

iText, Belgium: https://itextpdf.com/de/products/product-tour. Swisscom uses iText in its examples, but the examples are “out of date”, i.e. some functionalities have changed. But the basic handling can be seen there: https://github.com/SCS-CBU-CED-IAM/itext-ais

Setasign, Germany: Some customers use SetaPDF, which also offers a special solution for the Swisscom service: https://www.setasign.com/products/setapdf-signer/demos/swisscom-all-in-signing-service/

Blocksigner, Switzerland (Skribble.com): https://api.skribble.com/swagger-ui.html, http://doc.skribble.com/



In principle, Swisscom declines any responsibility for the functioning of these libraries. They may contain errors and require special knowledge and expertise. Use is at the participant’s own risk.