Video identification for
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The electronic signature requires a unique identification of the user. Our video identification in cooperation with our partner Intrum enables FINMA-compliant identification with use of an authentication method for qualified electronic signing. This identification process allows a user to sign as many times as desired without re-identification for each signature. The processes between the partner Intrum and Swisscom are coordinated from a regulatory point of view and comply with the legal requirements in accordance with VZertES Art. 7 b). 

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    Your advantages through integration of FINMA-compliant video identification

    Efficiency: Register once – sign as often as you like

    With a one-time registration and identification through video identification, your customers can sign multiple times in your banking application and thus use the Signing Service. No new identification is required for up to 5 years (depending on the validity of the identity document presented). In the signature process, only an authentication method on the mobile phone is used to express to sign. 

    Legally compliant

    The method is tailored for qualified signatures in Swiss financial sector. After video identification, signatories can only use the respective signing application of the financial intermediary or the bank. Our auditors continuously check our processes and systems as an accredited certification service according to ZertES in Switzerland.

    Data processing in Switzerland

    Many financial intermediaries and banks in Switzerland insist that their data is only processed in Switzerland and by local personnel. Our Swisscom Partner Intrum operates its data processing systems and manual video identification with its own personnel only in Switzerland.

    GWG-compliant onboarding and signature in one step

    Our partner Intrum works on behalf of the financial intermediary and collects all the data necessary for onboarding in terms of money laundering for the bank. At the same time, the data required for the qualified electronic signature is passed on to Swisscom without the need for a new identification and registration process. 

    Process –

    The following explains the process flow that typically occurs when a person registers on the platform of a financial intermediary or bank.

    1. Video call to an agent

    The financial intermediary will direct you to Intrum’s video identification service. Registration requires a browser, a high-resolution camera, and a microphone. The user interface is available in all common Swiss languages.

    2. Verification of personal data

    In a video chat with a video agent from our partner Intrum, your data will be recorded. To do this, you must hold the appropriate and valid identification document (usually an ID card or passport) in front of your camera and follow the video agent’s instructions.

    3. Entering and verifying your mobile number

    Finally, your mobile number will be requested and verified. For the verification you receive a one-time password via SMS to your mobile phone. This links your mobile phone to your registration and identification as an authentication method. All this data is passed on to both the financial intermediary and Swisscom’s certification service.

    4. Confirming the terms of use and signing

    You will receive an SMS with a link to the terms of use on your registered mobile number. You must confirm this to be able to use the Signing Service with the electronic signature. You can confirm the terms of use either with the pre-installed and activated Mobile ID SIM (CH only) or Mobile ID App with fingerprint or face recognition or by setting your own password and receiving a one-time code by SMS. You can then use the selected authentication method for future signatures on documents in the application of your financial intermediary or your bank.

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    Contract with Intrum

    Contact us to design the contract for your solution. We will connect you to our partner. The video identification service is provided in the financial intermediary’s direct contractual relationship with our partner Intrum, the signature service in the direct contractual relationship with Swisscom Trust Services. The contracts with Swisscom Trust Services include an RA delegation contract for the performance of the financial intermediary’s registration authority activity for the signature and an acceptance declaration that enables the operation of a compliant participant application for signing. The partner contract between Intrum and Swisscom ensures the legally compliant receipt of the proofs of identity and registration required to provide the signature service.