FINMA-compliant video identification for Swiss financial service providers

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Digital customer onboarding and signature by FINMA requirements

Digital customer onboarding and signature by FINMA requirements

Our video identification solution, in cooperation with our partner Intrum enables FINMA-compliant identification and registration of an authentication method for legally valid electronic signing. The video identification process enables customers of financial service providers to sign documents with a qualified signature as often as they wish without having to re-identify themselves before each signature process. The digital onboarding solution of Intrum and Swisscom Trust Services is regulatory compliant and meets the legal requirements of VZertES Art. 7 (2).
In addition, various partners also offer Intrum's auto-identification solution in connection with a FINMA-compliant onboarding solution. In this case, the ID picture taken during registration is provided with a QES and identification according to VZertES Art. 5 (1) or Art. 7 (1).

Advantages of FINMA-compliant video identification


With a one-time registration through video identification, customers can legally sign in to the financial service provider's application with a qualified electronic signature. This is possible for up to 5 years or until the validity date of the identity document presented. In the signature process, the financial service provider's authentication solution can be used as an approval method for the signature by the customer.

Legally compliant

The identification solution is tailor-made for qualified signatures for the Swiss financial market. Following video identification, clients can only use the financial service provider's or bank's signature application. Our auditors continuously check our processes and systems as an accredited certification service according to ZertES in Switzerland.

Data processing in Switzerland

Many Swiss financial service providers and banks attach importance to the fact that their data is only processed in Switzerland by local staff. With Intrum, a partner was found that operates its data processing systems and manual video identification with its team only in Switzerland.

AML-compliant onboarding

Our partner Intrum works on behalf of the financial service provider and collects all the necessary identification data required for onboarding regarding money laundering for the bank by FINMA requirements. At the same time, the data needed for the qualified electronic signature is passed on to Swisscom Trust Services without the need for renewed identification.

Video identification process with Intrum

1. Redirection to the video identification service

1. Redirection to the video identification service

The financial service provider will direct you to Intrum's video identification service. For identification and registration, you need a high-resolution camera and a microphone. Video identification is available in German, English, French, and Italian.

2. Video conference with agents

2. Video conference with agents

In an encrypted video conference, a video agent records and checks your identity data. To do this, you hold your valid identification document up to the camera and follow the instructions of the video agent.

3. Mobile number check

3. Mobile number check

Finally, your mobile number will be requested and verified. For this purpose, you will receive a one-time password via SMS to your specified mobile number. This registers your mobile device as a release method. All data collected is transmitted to the financial service provider and Swisscom's certification service.

4. Accept terms of use and sign electronically

4. Accept terms of use and sign electronically

Finally, you will receive an SMS with a link to the terms of use of Swisscom Trust Services. You must accept these to use the electronic signature. For acceptance, you use your registered release method. In the future, you will use this for every signature process on documents the financial service provider makes available to you in its portal.

Legally valid and certified

With the FINMA-compliant video identification solution from Swisscom Trust Services and Intrum, you are choosing an accredited certification service provider in Switzerland for qualified electronic signatures. We take into account industry-specific requirements and adhere to compliance regulations and Swiss laws.

Swiss Federal Law ZertES

according to Art. 7 b) VZertES


ETSI standards for PKI

EN 319401, EN 319411-1, EN 319411-2, EN 419211-2, EN 419211-3, EN 419211-4, EN 419211-5, EN 419211-6, ETSI TS 119431-1, EN 419241-1, EN419241-2, EN419221-5, ETSI TS 119461, EN 319412-1, EN 319412-2, EN319412-3, EN 319412-5, RFC 5280, EN319421, EN319422

How to get the video identification solution

How to get the video identification solution

A contractual relationship with Intrum and Swisscom Trust Services

As a financial service provider, you first conclude a contract with Intrum, which provides and regulates the FINMA-compliant video identification service.


At the same time, you conclude a contract with Swisscom Trust Services or an authorized reseller that provides the electronic signature service. The contracts with Swisscom Trust Services include a so-called RA delegation contract for the performance of the financial service provider's registration authority activity for the electronic signature and an acceptance declaration that enables the operation of a compliant participant application for signing.


In addition, a contractual relationship between Intrum and Swisscom Trust Services regulates the exchange of identity data between Intrum and Swisscom Trust Services, required to use the qualified electronic signature.