ti&m is one of the Swiss market leaders for onboarding and identification solutions, signature services and software solutions for banking & finance, as well as a partner for agile software development and digitization projects.

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ti&m is a Swiss digitizer with offices worldwide and a specialist in legally valid online identification solutions. With a customer base of nearly 20 banks, its FINMA-compliant and AI-based identification services are among the leading solutions in the financial sector. Their validated identifications meet the requirements of ETSI and eIDAS (EU) and ZertES (Switzerland) and thus are used for qualified electronic signatures (QES). ti&m integrates its online identification with customers' CRM and other core applications to streamline the entire onboarding process.

Solution overview

Today, many activities require personal identification - whether it's opening a bank account, signing a lease or closing a business case.

ti&m offers fully automated digital identification that is available around the clock. Customers can use the registered identity data for legally valid transactions, for example to add an electronic signature to an insurance document. All is done conveniently from home and completely online.

During the identification process, the customer is first asked to scan his or her ID document and read out the NFC chip. Then, He or she records a short video of himself or herself to prove beyond doubt that he or she is a real person. The biometric features of the face in the video are compared with the photo on the document to ensure that there is a perfect match. The verified identity data is sent to the Swisscom Trust Services certification service, which issues a legally valid electronic signature, including a short-term certificate with a time stamp, from the previously identified person for the signature process.

If the customer does not have an ID document with NFC function, his or her request is transmitted in real time to the ti&m call center, where a trained video agent verifies the identity data. The customer can thus proceed with the identification process a few minutes later.

Solution advantages

The identification solution from ti&m works seamlessly with the Signing Service from Swisscom Trust Services and is integrated, for example, into Swisscom's "Swisscom Sign" offering in the MySwisscom app. Users benefit from a secure and compliant identification and onboarding solution with high usability.

Simple deployment

The identification solution can be seamlessly and easily integrated into existing solutions. ti&m offers the solution as a software development kit (SDK) or alternatively as a white labeling solution "ti&m Ident online identification".


The identification solution is FINMA-compliant and meets the standards of ETSI, eIDAS and ZertES. 


Diverse hosting possibilites

The identification solution can be hosted in ti&m's private Swiss cloud in Zurich or in the Amazon cloud in the EU or Switzerland.



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