Why does my electronic signature not work?

I approved my signature correctly with password & SMS code method, Mobile ID SIM, or Mobile ID app - but it does not work. What is the reason?

There are multiple reasons: 

1. You have changed your signature approval means without a re-identification and registration for the electronic signature:

For example, you had been registered with the signature approval means password & SMS code method (PWD/ OTP) before, but now you have activated Mobile ID SIM or app instead. In this case, you need to perform a new identification to register your new signature approval means.

Please look at our manual on how to switch signature approval means.

2. You have changed your mobile phone provider, SIM card, or mobile phone number: 

In this case, you need to get re-identified again by your signature application provider, our SRS Ident website, SRS Direct, or by an RA agent in your company.

3. Your ID document (passport or ID card) has expired: Your registration for electronic signature is only valid until the ID document's expiration date. You need to get re-identified with your renewed ID document either by your signature application provider, via our SRS Ident website, in public stores of SRS Direct, or by a RA agent in your company. 

If none of these causes apply to you, you can open a ticket [Link to contact form]