March/April 2021: New Terms of Use

11. March 2021, worldwide

Due to the introduction of new registration procedures and adjustments to the signature service to meet new requirements, the terms of use must be changed in the coming weeks. We will ask all persons already registered in the SRS/RA service via SMS to adapt the new terms of use. If these are not accepted after several requests by SMS, the persons concerned will not be able to continue signing and, if necessary, register again later. The terms of use concern the following changes:

  • From now on you will find the terms of use in a new portal:
  • The directory service has been included, which allows signature applications to determine whether a person has already been registered with authentication means or whether a new registration needs to be enforced.
  • New authentication methods, such as the Mobile ID app or future, possible authentication apps are now considered. This has an impact on the due diligence of the protection of these apps or behaviour in the event of theft or compromise.
  • The validity verification of a signature using Adobe Reader is no longer explicitly recommended, as only the state validators really reflect a correct test result and we cannot continuously control the test results of validators of private organisations.
  • For the status of the service availability now exists a new status page, on which in addition to the status also all news about the service will be published:
  • Swisscom (Switzerland) AG and Swisscom IT Services Finance S.E. always display all signatures in combination with a qualified time stamp. A signature without a time stamp is no longer provided and is no longer mentioned in the terms of use.
  • Swisscom cooperates with more and more registration authorities within the framework of a delegation, which can lead to the archival of data at this registration authority (e.g. your bank).
  • New identification procedures require other data and differ in validity time period for subsequent signatures. The individual procedures and possible future procedures are now listed individually. Some EU procedures (eIDAS jurisdiction) are listed, which can be also used for advanced signatures in the ZertES jurisdiction (Switzerland) and are therefore also listed in the terms of use of Swisscom (Switzerland) AG.
  • The possibility of issuing certificates with pseudonyms is now more differentiated from the possibility of issuing certificates with clear names.
  • Flexibilisation of liability: Providers of signature applications have the possibilities to limit liability for signatures, e.g. by limiting the maximum transaction value for which a signature can be used. However, this liability limit may only be applied if it was sufficiently communicated to the signer before the signature and if the limit of the transaction value is also anchored in the signature certificate.
  • From the experience of 2020 the term “force majeure” explicitly includes “epidemics” and “pandemics” as a natural event of particular intensity.
  • In addition, spelling errors or incorrect designations (e.g. certification service instead of trust service in the eIDAS provisions or “Terms of Use” instead of “Terms of Use” etc.) have been corrected.