2022-12-08 New Portal To Check Your Registry And Accept Terms of Use

8. December 2022, weltweit

Self-service portals for authentication methods based on mobile numbers

Two self-service portals allow the correct check of the registration status or allow also the acceptance of the terms of use without using the links in the SMS sent out. A second portal allows a test signature to check beforehand if the signature could be authenticated correctly and/or there are some problems. E.g., a change of the mobile device or the SIM card could lead to an error message in case of a Mobile ID authentication due to the fact that the second factor of ownership has changed.


Check of registration status

The check of the registration status can be initiated by a call of the following web page:


After login by a mobile number which was verified by a one-time code via SMS it will be shown if the registration is valid for a qualified electronic signature (level of assurance factor 4) or an advanced electronic signature (level of assurance factor 3) and if it is valid for the jurisdiction of eIDAS (EU/EWR) or Switzerland (CH). Additionally, you can see the chosen authentication method and the end date of validity. As far as the terms of use are not already accepted or new terms have to be accepted it is possible to accept them by clicking on the button "Terms & Conditions". The web page showing the different registration methods can be reached via the button "Go to identification".

Check the ability to sign

On the web page


you can check if your authentication method based on a mobile number can be used for a signature. A test signature comprising a text string "hello world" will be signed. Afterwards the result is presented.