2023-04-19 Discontinuation of SRS Bankident DE (EU/Deutschland) after October

31. July 2023, EU/eIDAS

In accordance with chapter 8.5 of the service description "Smart Registration Service", we must hereby inform all partners that the bank identification procedure offered by Swisscom Trust Services under "SRS Bankident DE" will be discontinued after October 2023.

The background to this is that the supplier has decided to no longer offer the identification method. The procedure will thus also lose its status and approval as an eIDAS-compliant identification method.

The trust service of Swisscom IT Service Finance S.E. can therefore no longer use the procedure for issuing signatures and Swisscom Trust Services can no longer offer it.

Partners/customers of the SRS service will be contacted separately about this.

Swisscom is currently working on providing a new bank identification procedure in the near future and is in talks with corresponding identification partners.