QES Problem

12. July 2021, worldwide

The problem with the QES signature is solved:

Since about 11.10 am on 12.7.21, a declaration of will could not be processed until 1 pm. After that, all subscribers were able to sign again, who did not rely on the lookup call. This problem was finally solved up to about 3.45 pm.

The reason for this was an error in the network configuration when switching a system.

The problem is now examined in detail and measures are defined. Further updates will be communicated on this status page after solving the problem.

Update 15-07:

Investigation of details of this issue was done and the reasons were clearly identified:

Issue with one network component in combination with some external events which lead to a longer downtime as expected.

The supplier of the network component was involved and the first fixes are implemented. Further activities are defined to additionally monitor this situation of combined events and react on this. It will be implemented in the upcoming sprints.