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Signature platform – cloud and on premise

Signature platforms make it possible, especially for customers who want to sign from time to time, to simply upload a file and trigger a declaration of intent to sign, for example with a fingerprint on a mobile phone authentication app.

User acceptance

The success of new digital solutions always depends on their acceptance by employees, customers and other stakeholders. To ensure this, they must be as simple and intuitive as possible.

Multiple signatures

As soon as several people have to sign a document, things get complicated. If the document has to be sent by post, unnecessary waiting times arise and tracking becomes difficult. On the other hand, in a digital process every step is directly traceable.

Sign everywhere

Employees are in the home office, on a business trip or in another location – all of which can complicate and unnecessarily delay the signing of documents. Businesses today need solutions that enable easy signing from anywhere in real time.

Across companies

Corporate documents can take on many different forms, so there is a need for signing solutions that work smoothly regardless of the context and the parties involved – whether internal or external.

Our solutions for signature platforms

Signatue As A Service@2x

Occasional signatures without own installation

If customers or companies only want to sign documents electronically from time to time or do not want to have a complex signature application integrated into their workflows, signature platforms are the right choice to save valuable time. A signature platform allows users to easily upload digital documents and download them back electronically signed. With this solution, you can avoid long development or integration projects, reduce costs and bring digital offerings to market faster.

Einface Ux@2x

Simple signing of documents

First, a user uploads the document to be signed to the signature platform. In the second step, the user can define which external or internal persons are invited to sign the document. The signature platform automatically sends the invitations for the signature to the previously defined participants (e.g. by e-mail). Subsequently, all persons in the platform can place their signature on the document and sign it with their defined authentication methods within a few clicks. The platform informs about the current status at any time and delivers the signed document to all participants as soon as all signatures have been made. Finally, the signed document can be downloaded and processed further.

Flexibles Signieren@2x

Location-independent and cross-company signing

Whether in the home office, in the office or at globally distributed company locations – employees or customers receive the current status of a document version at any time via a signature platform and can sign it electronically quickly and independently of location. The introduction of a signature platform eliminates unnecessary paper processes and waiting times. At the same time, processes can be made more efficient and reduce time-consuming administration costs, e.g. scanning or printing.

«The support of Swisscom Trust Services regarding regulation and compliance topics is optimal. Especially as a provider of solutions in Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management, it would be unthinkable to additionally take care of these topics. We depend on a strong partner like Swisscom Trust Services and know exactly that their offer is rock-solid. That’s why we don’t have to worry about anything. Everything is legally profound. We are in the best hands with Swisscom Trust Services. »

Oliver Huser

CEO of object

Solution components

Smart Registration Service

The Smart Registration Service (SRS) can be integrated to a signature plattform with a simple interface and offers various flexible methods for identification. The SRS takes over the coupling of identification with an authentication method and enables unlimited electronic signing. This enables end customers to use the qualified electronic signature in the existing signature platform and to sign digital contracts directly afterwards. In addition, it is possible to connect existing identification procedures and have them certified for the qualified signature. Learn more

Signing Service

The Signing Service is a cloud-based service for remote signatures. It can be easily integrated into existing platforms using the Signing Service’s standard API. This allows companies to add electronic signing capabilities to their forms processes while taking into account the highly regulated compliance requirements in their respective markets. Learn more

Authentication Methods

Our authentication methods (e.g. Mobile ID) are the most secure two-factor authentications on the market and enable an electronic declaration of intent and the triggering of the electronic signature – whether at home or in the office. All what you need is a mobile phone with the authentication method already installed (e.g. Mobile ID, Banking App, etc.). These methods offer the most convenient completion of a digital form process. Learn more

Together with our partners to market-ready signature platform

The evidence software platform enables Glaux Soft to quickly develop and deploy powerful business and specialist applications. In this way, we improve the effectiveness and profitability of our customers and thus increase their success. Thanks to the evidence Signature Solution and the Swisscom All-in Signing Service, evidence customers are now able to sign documents worldwide without media discontinuity. One more reason to use evidence to digitise individual business processes.

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Intarsys (Schweiz) AG

Intarsys (Schweiz) AG offers companies – regardless of their sector or size – an economically advantageous and legally compliant solution with the signature software “Sign Live! A wide range of applications for electronic signatures, seals and time stamps can be realised, whether according to ZertES (CH law) or eIDAS (EU law).

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signteq / QuattroS IT Solutions GmbH

signteq is an online-based SaaS solution that enables its users to sign and have signed documents, contracts and other things digitally using electronic signatures. However, signteq’s range of services goes far beyond the signing of documents. Through a digital form and document management system and an online-based identity check and verification of persons (up to the compliance-compliant KYC process), signteq’s features cover the entire spectrum of customer onboarding in the digital domain comprehensively and from a single source.

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