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At the moment no technical difficulties are known.

Signature Service

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Smart Registration Service

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Service State Signature Service updated

21. September 2020

The State of Signature Service changed from yellow to green

SMS troubles could harm Swisscom Trust Services

10. September 2020

Problems with SMS transfer are announced to us. This could have an impact on Swisscom Trust Services.

UPDATE: The problem is solved.

DN replacement (template) from RA-Service not usable

01. - 15. September 2020, worldwide

The new feature of the DN replacement (template) cannot be used anymore after 4pm today. We will inform when the problem has been fixed.


A fix has been developed and is in the test. On Monday Sept. 7th 2020 in the afternoon we will announce the date when the functionality will be fully available again.

UPDATE: the feature can be used again at Thursday, Sept. 15th. The problem is than fixed.

UPDATE: The feature is fully available again.

Technical News on our Servcies

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Technical updates - Mobile ID

No updates available

Technical updates - Signature Service

Video Identification Switzerland: Expiration of the Covid-19 Exception

02. October 2020, Switzerland

In April 2020, the Swiss Federal Council issued a temporary Covid-19 based adjustment of the Federal Ordinance VZertES based on the Swiss Federal Act on the Signature SigE (ZertES). This new regulation made it possible to register for the qualified electronic signature (QES) by video identification, even outside the application by financial intermediaries (e.g. banks). As the Corona situation has changed, the Swiss Federal Council will most likely not extend the temporary VZertES regulation adjustment further, so that the exemption will be lifted from 2 October 2020. As a result, all registrations made by video in Switzerland by the Smart Registration Service (SRS) and not by video identification of financial intermediaries in the period from April to October 2020 will no longer be approved for qualified electronic signature (QES) according to SigE/ZertES, but only for advanced electronic signatures. This means that all these signatories must re-register in order to receive a QES for the Swiss legal area again. This can easily be carried out by the signers in certain Swisscom shops in Switzerland throughout the country or at RA offices that use Swisscom's RA app.

The registrations for the QES applicable in the European legal area in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation remain in place, so no new registration is required here.

Please inform your customers and partners in Switzerland if a video identification, for example, via our video identification landing page or through another SRS provider was performed and a signature according to ZertES (Switzerland) is still necessary.

Possibility to receive the exact DN from SRS / RA-Service

07. August 2020, worldwide

New wildcards or templates now allow the retrieval of the Distinguished Name from the RA service in the signature request. This means that a person has been identified with the RA app or a Smart Registration Service service (e.g. video identification). This eliminates the problem that at the time of the signature request the name of the signer was often not reproduced exactly as specified during registration, resulting in an error message. Details can be found in the new Reference Guide and in particular here:

AIS: new reinstallation of the new combined time stamp EU/CH

29. June 2020, world wide

Now that has adapted its validation to our new qualified combined time stamp CH/EU, we will activate the new timestamp service again on June 29th in the afternoon between 1-3 p.m. A suspension of the service of several seconds may be expected during the switchover. The new time stamp will also be published in the Trust List in the EU in the following months. Since these are official procedures, Swisscom cannot give an exact timeline for this.

Technical updates - Smart Registration Service

Registrations also possible in the Swisscom Shop SBB Station Bern

12. May 2020, Bern, Switzerland

Starting at May 12th registrations are possible in the Swisscom shop of the Bern station. See also our news page.

Identification portal: Identifications only via web browser

11. May 2020, worldwide

Currently, the identifications that are carried out via the portal can only be realized by use of the browser, i.e. the app of cannot be used in this context.

Certificate updates

New CA4 in October

15. February 2021, Switzerland

The new CA4

The new rules and regulations require certification service providers and trust service providers to use better algorithms to ensure the trustworthiness of signatures in the future. Swisscom will first replace the root certificate authority instance (CA) for Switzerland (CH jurisdiction) and later also for the EU (eIDAS jurisdiction), thereby adapting the entire certificate chain and providing for the new algorithms. This concern, on the one hand, the so-called "padding algorithm" which will switch from currently SASSA-PKCS1 v1_5 to RSASSA-PSS, and on the other hand the key length, which will be increased from 2048 to 3072.

What are the implications?

  • The size of the signature in the signed document changes, i.e. the signature takes up more space. Since signature applications make estimates to the best of their knowledge of how much space a signature requires, it may be that this estimate is no longer correct and therefore a signature is no longer possible.
  • If you use standard applications that display trusted signatures, such as Adobe Reader, the latter will continue to trust the signatures. However, if you have special applications that first require the root certificate of the certificate chain for trustworthiness, you must reinstall it.

When will the changes take effect?

We are planning a changeover in quarter I/II 2021. In addition to the existing account ("ClaimedID") we will issue a new ClaimedID based on the new certificate chain to customers. After 2-3 months we will switch off the old ClaimedIDs. In this respect, it is possible to test and switch individually during this period of time.

What do you need to do?

If you are the developer of the signature application you are using, you should observe the notes on the development information page . Otherwise, you should inform the partner which provided you with the signature application. At the same time, however, we will also inform all our partners.

We will inform you with further details in February 2021.