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This page provides status information on the services that are part of Swisscom Trust Servcies. Check back here to view the current status of the services listed below, or subscribe to an RSS feed to be notified of interruptions to each individual service. If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, please contact support.

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Smart Registration Service

At the moment no technical difficulties are known.

Signing Service

At the moment no technical difficulties are known.


15. June 2023, worldwide

Swisscom Trust Services is getting a new website - this will invalidate the RSS subscription to this status page, i.e. you will no longer receive status messages and announcements about this service.

We have a new website which we will announce here shortly. This will go live on 15 June 2023 at 4pm. The new site is clearer and also offers a subscription via e-mail or RSS (optional). So no news will be missed any more. Please note the date and re-register then!

2023-06-04 Lifecycle update of different TSP systems

4. June 2023, worldwide

Different systems will get a newer version of their operational software. We do not expect any service interruption in this time. It will take place between 2am and 6am.

24.04.2023 RTR Validator does not return the correct result - we recommend the use of the EU Validator


We are currently in discussion with the RTR, as the validator implementation has had problems with long-term validations of short-term certificates for some time. We therefore recommend - as also announced by RTR in the presentations - the use of the EU Validator at DSS Demonstration WebApp (


  1. RTR will enforce in May (as long as all tests are ok) a new validator version which will explicitly allow to define "short term living certificates" as in use with Swisscom and disable the "invalid" validation. RTR is considering placing a notice for this change on the website in order to eliminate uncertainties in the use of the validator.
  2. Swisscom will set the - conditional - attribute "archivecutoff" in the next versions of the certificate in the next 4-6 months to show that OCSP answers are also valid for "old" (outdated) certificates. With this any doubts should be eliminated with all validators. Such an implementation with adaptation of the documentation, CP/CPS, certificate profile and agreement with the conformity assessment body unfortunately always takes a few months.

2023-04-27 DDoS Attack

27. April 2023, worldwide

We had to cope again with a DDoS attack which was yesterday more worse than before and lead to some hick-ups with our customers. It seems to be quiet now.

2023-04-19 Discontinuation of SRS Bankident DE (EU/Deutschland) after October

31. July 2023, EU/eIDAS

In accordance with chapter 8.5 of the service description "Smart Registration Service", we must hereby inform all partners that the bank identification procedure offered by Swisscom Trust Services under "SRS Bankident DE" will be discontinued after October 2023.

The background to this is that the supplier has decided to no longer offer the identification method. The procedure will thus also lose its status and approval as an eIDAS-compliant identification method.

The trust service of Swisscom IT Service Finance S.E. can therefore no longer use the procedure for issuing signatures and Swisscom Trust Services can no longer offer it.

Partners/customers of the SRS service will be contacted separately about this.

Swisscom is currently working on providing a new bank identification procedure in the near future and is in talks with corresponding identification partners.

2023-04-19 RTR (Supervisory Body for eIDAS in Austria) has revised its signature validation

19. April 2023, EU/eIDAS

RTR (Supervisory Body for eIDAS in Austria) has revised its signature validation
The RTR has revised its signature validation service at In addition, the RTR offers all companies a SOAP interface free of charge for integrating the signature verification into the flow. To do this, the RTR must be contacted by e-mail so that the account can then be activated. For information.