Identification methods for eIDAS-compliant e-signatures

By integrating our remote signature software, you can register your customers in the signing workflow for eIDAS-compliant electronic signatures using various identification methods.

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Over 100 partners trust our remote signature solution, including broker-based identification methods

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Product description

Digital identification methods by Swisscom Trust Services

The best online identification methods on the market

To utilize our remote e-signing solution, users undergo a one-time identity verification and register a signature approval method. Swisscom Trust Services offers a diverse range of broker-supported identification methods through its embedded e-signature platform. Based on current market trends for electronic identities (eID) and our software partners' requirements, we provide you with the best and most innovative identity verification providers and identity providers in the broker. As a partner, you can tailor the selection of the identification method to your specific electronic signature use case,  your customers' needs, or your industry-specific the requirements and regulations. Seamlessly integrate these methods into the e-signing process to provide your customers with an optimal experience.

Audited identification methods for eIDAS-compliant e-signatures by Swisscom Trust Services

Audited identification methods for eIDAS-compliant e-signatures

All identification methods available in our portfolio are approved and audited for the subsequent use of e-signatures in accordance with the EU regulation eIDAS. These different processes verify users' identities through valid IDs or other recognized documents. A successfull identification requires a valid ID card, an  eID function, a valid passport, or access to a recognized identity provider (IDP) such as an active bank account.

Broker-orchestrated registration, identification, and e-signature by Swisscom Trust Services

Broker-orchestrated registration, identification, and e-signature

Our remote signing platform includes a broker that orchestrates electronic signatures, online identification, and approval methods for a signature application provider. The broker provides the appropriate signature approval method to the signer. If this method is not yet registered, the broker also handles the registration and identification of the signer. Additionally, there is the option to use multiple identification methods as a backup in case the initially selected method fails for the signer. Then, the user can approve and trigger the e-signature in a digital signing process. The orchestration is decision-based, depending on the requirements of the specific jurisdiction (EU or Switzerland) and the signature level (qualified or advanced).

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Identification methods for eIDAS-compliant e-signatures in Europe

Our embedded remote signature solution offers a variety of identification methods designed to seamlessly register your application's users for qualified and advanced electronic signatures by the EU regulation eIDAS.

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Auto-Ident by Fidentity

App-based and AI-supported auto-identification

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NFC-scan by Nect

App-based and AI-supported auto-identification

Coming soon: May 2024


Auto-ident by Intrum

App or browser-based and AI-supported auto-identification

Coming soon

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NFC-scan by ti&m

App-based and AI-supported auto-identification

Coming soon


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Video-ident by Intrum

App or browser-based video identification with an agent

Coming soon

Face-2-face identification

Delegating the on-site registration option (RA agency) for using the Swisscom RA App.

Why Swisscom Trust Services

Swisscom Trust Services is an accredited trust service provider in Europe and a certification service provider in Switzerland. We assist software applications and solutions providers in digitizing the final steps of processes by seamlessly integrating our legally secure electronic signatures and seals. We take into account our clients' industry-specific and regulatory requirements.

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Qualified and advanced electronic signatures and seals - recognized in the EU and EEA


Advanced and qualified electronic signatures, or regulated and advanced e-seals - recognized in Switzerland

GDPR and FADP compliance

Protection of our customer's privacy and personal rights by the data protection requirements in the EU and Switzerland



Our standardized APIs leverage OIDC, OIDC-PAR/CIBA, and meet the requirements of ETSI Standards TS 119 432 for remote signatures.

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Additional products available in the embedded e-signing platform

Do you have your own identification solution?

As a customer or identity provider (IDP), you can connect your identification solution with our remote signing software. This integration requires compliance with legal requirements (eIDAS and ZertES), applicable regulations, and an implementation concept, including an audit. Swisscom Trust Services will assist you in creating the implementation concept and support you during the audit process. In addition, we will submit your identification solution to the responsible authorities for certification as an identification method for e-signatures.